Little Boy Has An Amazing Reaction To His Birthday Wish Coming True! [Video]

When we’re kids, birthday wishes are sacred.

video of little boy and a birthday wish - Kids Activities Blog
The birthday wish…

They are usually kept between us and the cosmos for fear they won’t come true…unless someone else has to do something in order to make them come true.

Which is exactly what seems to be the case for this little boy.

screenshot of video of boy blowing out his birthday candles
Happy birthday!

As he sits down to blow out his candles, he’s told to make a wish.

And from the look on his face, you know it’ll be a good one.

This kid knows Exactly what he wants.

With the gusto that comes from being a kid, he blows out the candles in hopes that his biggest hopes will come true.

screenshot of boy at birthday party looking at his dad
Make a wish!

Then dad asks him, “So, what did you wish for?”

And breaking all birthday wish rules, the kid tells him.

But dad’s got a secret of his own and he’s about to surprise Everyone!

Take a look!

[Video] Little Boy Gets His Birthday Wish

Oh the cuteness!

{I need a tissue}

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