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Today we have easy space coloring pages that are perfect for kids or adults who are looking for a fun activity related to space, the sky, astronomy, planets, science, and more!

Our space coloring page pack includes two printable sheets ready for instant download. Grab your coloring supplies!

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space coloring pages
Free space coloring pages for kids of all ages!

Printable Space coloring pages

It’s never too early or too late to spark interest in space! Who knows, maybe your little one will be an astronomer one day. One way to keep your kiddo interested in science and everything related to space is with coloring pages. These coloring pages show an astronaut, a rocket, planets, stars, and more, so it’s a perfect time to take your encyclopedia and learn about them.

Let’s start with what you might need to enjoy this coloring sheet.

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This coloring page is sized for standard letter printer paper dimensions – 8.5 x 11 inches.

free space coloring pages
Beautiful space coloring sheet.

Space coloring pages for preschool

Our first coloring page features doodles of an astronaut floating in space, next to their rocket, and among planets. Is that Saturn I see? It may be because of the rings (which by the way, did you know Saturn’s rings are made out of are thought to be pieces of comets, asteroids, or shattered moons?) I’d suggest using deep blue or black for space, gray for the rocket, and bright colors for the planets.

Space Coloring Pages Screenshot 2
Download and print these space coloring pages today!

Space planets coloring pages

Our second coloring page features two planets – Planet Earth and maybe Jupiter, an asteroid, and an artificial satellite (could be Sputnik 1). Kids can use their favorite crayons or paint to color this page. This one is best for older kids with more experience holding coloring pencils or markers.

free space coloring pictures
These space coloring pages are free and ready to be downloaded.

Download & Print Free Space Coloring Pages Here:

Things You Might Not Know About Space:

  • Our Sun is over 300,000 times bigger than Planet Earth.
  • There is a comet, called Halley’s Comet that is visible every 75 years – the last time was 1986 and the next time will be in 2061.
  • Venus is the hottest planet in our solar system with a temperature over 842 F. Our solar system was formed over 4.6 billion years ago.
  • The moon doesn’t have any wind to blow around… which means the footprints and rover tire tracks that were left by the astronauts will stay there for millions of years.
  • Due to its low gravity, a person that weighs 200 pounds on Earth would weigh 76 pounds if they stood on Mars.
  • One million Earths could fit inside the sun.
  • Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune are almost completely gas, so you wouldn’t be able to walk on them.

More facts about our solar system coloring pages:

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