Y’all, the NASA’s photo gallery is available online and copyright free! This is so cool! Kids of all ages will love checking out NASA’s photo gallery and learning about stars, planets, and space! These photographs, videos, and even audio from NASA are great whether you’re at home or in the classroom.

Image of Earth from NASA's photo gallery against a black background- Kids Activities Blog
Courtesy of Nasa.gov– Isn’t this a beautiful image of Earth?

If your kids are space enthusiasts, they are going to love the newest offerings from NASA. 

The Space Administration has made all their photographs, videos, and audio recording available online. It’s free to browse, free to use, and extra fun to explore. Just search by a keyword and choose between images, audio, or video to see what you can find.

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NASA logo and Astronaut on a space ship- Image from NASA photo gallery- Kids activities blog
Courtesy of Nasa.gov– This is the coolest picture of a real astronaut!

Users are able to search their entire collection as well as download photos and videos for personal uses, including for kids to use in school projects or reports.  We’ve been just enjoying looking through images from space.

Rocket being launched, lots of smoke against a dark sky- Nasa photo gallery- kids activities blog
Courtesy of Nasa.gov– That’s a rocket being launched! How cool!

You can find amazing images from outer space, viewing the sky and planets in new ways, along with astronauts, rocket launches, events at NASA, and more.  We even watched a few videos featuring moon landings.  

Andromeda galaxy with stars and space- Nasa photo gallery- Kids Activities Blog
Courtesy of Nasa.gov– This is the Andromeda galaxy.

Each photo also explains the circumstances behind the photo too. The above photo of the Andromeda Galaxy, for example, is explained as:

This image is from NASA Galaxy Evolution Explorer is an observation of the large galaxy in Andromeda, Messier 31. The Andromeda galaxy is the most massive in the local group of galaxies that includes our Milky Way.

How cool is that? I love looking at planets and stars and many pictures you see online look cool, but don’t have an explanation.

Now while you’re going through NASA’s photo gallery you can learn too! Astronomy just got way cooler!

Image of Jupiter from Nasa photo gallery- Kids Activities Blog
Courtesy of Nasa.gov– Do you know which planet this is? Jupiter!

Nasa’s Photo Gallery Is Perfect For Use In The Classroom Or Added To Your Homeschooling Curriculum

While you’re looking for new activities for your kids whether you’re at home or in the classroom, you can explore some awesome astronomy ideas with Nasa’s gallery.

Checking out the photos, videos, and audio from NASA’s photo gallery would be a great science lesson!

Space is so vast and I don’t think many of us get to experience space outside what we can see outside at night with the naked eye.

So, the face we can explore planets, stars, and even other solar system is the absolute coolest and perfect for a science class.

Astronaut in space suit floating in space with Earth behind them and dark space- From NASA photo gallery- Kids Activities Blog
Courtesy of Nasa.gov– Can you imagine floating in Space?

More NASA ACTIVITIES From Kids Activities Blog

Are you excited to check out NASA photo gallery? Will you be using it in your curriculum?

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