Eat your vegetables!

I am sure none of us has EVER said such a thing.  But we have a fun thing today that might just do a little veggie education in hopes that it pays off at the plate.

vegetable coloring pages from Kids Activities Blog

Printable {Matching Game} Vegetable Coloring Pages

The more kids know about what they are eating, the more likely they are to try it.

Take this activity a step further by touring your local farmer’s market or grocery store to try and identify the vegetables on the page.  A clip board and pencil can help keep track of how many you find!

Printable {Matching Game} Vegetable Coloring Pages

Vegetable Coloring Page

The first page is the vegetable coloring page for matching.  The second one is the key…just in case!

Recipes Chock Full of Veggies

Our sponsor, Beano has a really fun recipe contest going on.  You may remember my grandma’s meatless meatball recipe was one of the entries.  They have narrowed it down to the top 5!  Unfortunately, I am not among them, BUT the finalists’ recipes look super yummy.

Head over to Beano’s FB page to vote in the Be Natural Virtual Cookoff!  When you fill out the form with contact information, you are also entered to win free Beano product!

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