This reading game for preschoolers is so colorful and cute!  They will learn letter case (upper and lower) through a simple matching game.  This is a wonderful addition to the many great early reading activities you will find here on Kids Activities Blog.

Reading Game for Kids: Letter Case Matching Game

Reading Game

It has been said that at the end of every rainbow is a pot of gold. The treasure found at the end of these rainbows will be a pot of gold displaying a lowercase letter. The beginning of each rainbow will be a cloud that contain an uppercase letter. Working with letter identification and letter sounds is a really wonderful treasure for early readers to find at the end of an early reading rainbow. It helps them recognize the letter configuration and so much more.

Early Reading Activities: Letter Case Reading Game for Kids

Letter Case

The one  of  the goals of this game is to grab a cloud displaying an cloud displaying an uppercase letter and place it at one end of the rainbow. Then  the search through the pots of gold with the lowercase letters to find its match is on.

Reading Game for Learning Letter Case {Fun Matching Game}

Matching Game  

Once you have found the right match, you can take a few moments to talk about the sounds the letter makes. Some letters have more than one sound.  Depending on where your child is in hearing and working on letters, you may just stick to the sound usually voiced when you say that letter. You may also want to have your child tell you a word that begins with that sound. If your child is ready to work on the other sounds voiced by a letter, feel free to talk about them.

Early Reading Activities

You may prefer to put the picture of an object that begins with that letter on the pot of gold. You can then focus on a particular sound a letter makes. If you choose that route, you may have your child brainstorm with your child other words that have the same beginning sound. You can create a list of the words or just discuss them. Once you have played with this activity a few times, you can have your child walk you through the activity. They can be the teacher and your can be the student. That will give you the opportunity to see what they have come to understand about letter sounds.

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This is a fun reading game for preschoolers.  Learning letter case makes an easy matching game using upper and lower case letters.  For more early reading activities for kids, read on to see what these other moms have come up with:

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