Matching Game with Textures

When you’ve lived in your home for a few years, cleaned it hundreds of times, and played hide-and-go-seek more times than you can count, you feel like you know every nook and cranny.  There’s nothing like an indoor photo treasure hunt or an  indoor safari  though  to make you realize that there is more to the interior of your house than you thought.

After my girls and I came up with this texture matching game, we realized that we had gained a whole new perspective.

How to Play the Game

During rest time when everybody else was upstairs, I looked around for items in the house that had a distinctive texture. Using small white paper squares and crayons, I made a rubbing of each item.  I used different colors to make the game look more appealing and so the kids could quickly distinguish between them.

When the girls came down I presented them with one square at a time, starting with the most easily recognizable patterns and working up in difficulty.  For many they needed a bit of help, and we employed the “hot and cold” method.

Once all the patterns were placed, of course my older daughter wanted to try her hand at making rubbings and letting me guess.  A lot of her rubbings were pretty difficult to guess, but she enjoyed it, and had a neat multi-sensory experience.

Texture Ideas

Of course every house is different, but some ideas for household items that tend to make good rubbings are:

  • grout marks on a tile floor
  • central air vents
  • baskets
  • bottoms of shoes
  • electrical outlets
  • window blinds
  • upholstery tacking
  • wainscoting boards
  • window screens
  • TV remote
  • a comb
  • textured walls
  • a dog tag
  • brick fireplace

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  1. That looks so fun! I like that it is multi-sensory.

  2. That looks like fun and a very flexible project depending on what you are teaching. We are working on coins right now, maybe we can do it with some change!

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