I love Costco and just when I think I don’t need to renew my Costco membership, there ends up being another reason for me to keep it around. Did you know that Costco Will Put Air In Your Tires for Free? It’s true, I just did it a few days ago. Here’s How.

Costco Will Put Air In Your Tires for Free. Here’s How.

A little backstory on how I know this can be done… You see, it was a cold day here in Utah. So cold, it was snowing – hard. I found myself driving down to our local Costco when my tire pressure lights decided to come on for all 4 of my tires. 

Actual picture from my dashboard that day

I was by myself, I panicked and knew I didn’t want to have to worry about trying to inflate them on my own (not to mention most of our air stations were broken around me).

So, I pulled over and Googled Costco’s phone number. I asked for the tire center and asked the nice gentleman who answered if they did tire pressure and how much it was.

He said yes they do and it was free!

In the meantime of me being transferred and talking to him, I had been driving and noticed that all of the bay’s at the tire center were full. I told him that I had pulled up in the amount of time talking to him and he told me to head to the large doors at the tire center and he would open one to direct me where to go. 

When I got there he told me to park next to a certain door and begin filling up my tires. As he filled each one, his machine made a “ding” sound. It must have meant the tire was full or inflated probably because as soon as he finished that tire the light for that tire went off.

It took about 10 minutes and it was entirely free and easy.

Oh and in case you’re wondering, he didn’t ask to see my membership card or anything. Not sure if it’s actual membership perk or not. 

So, all you need to do is call up your local Costco and ask where you can park to have your tire pressure filled or deflated (depending on what you need).

It’s one of the many perks of having a Costco membership (or just something cool they do for everyone) and if you are like me, you are probably unaware it’s even a thing!


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