You Can Get A Water Slide You Fill With Water Balloons and My Kids Need One

Looking for the perfect refreshing summer game? We love the fun combination of water slide and water balloons…it turns out to be the most brilliant water fight {giggle}.

When the weather is warm enough for some serious outside fun and we want it all–pools, sprinklers, water slides, slip & slides, and any water game with a pool noodle!

Quite honestly, all of the summer water activities sound perfect right about now.

Balloon Water Slide available for summer backyard fun - Kids Activities Blog - boy sliding on inflatable waterslide in backyard
Let’s have summer fun in the backyard with an inflatable waterslide!

This summer, we’re looking for even more fun water ideas that can be used in your own backyard, and we just found our newest plan–the new wipeout water slide !

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Bunch O Balloons Water Slide Wipeout

The Bunch O Balloons Small Water Slide Wipeout combines two awesome summer activities, water balloons and a water slide. 

Imagine the fun sliding on a water slide, right into a huge pile of 100s of water balloons! We need our own experience with this balloon combo ASAP!

It is described as the perfect summer splashing game.

Each Bunch O Balloons Small Water Slide Wipeout comes with three bunches of the Bunch o Balloons for the perfect starter kit. 

Just use the included O ring on your sprinkler hose to fill and tie 100 water balloons in just 60 seconds. The self sealing water balloons make it easy for kids to do which means you aren’t hand tying every single individual water balloon.

Then just attach your sprinkler hose to the water slide, fill the end of the slide with a pile of water balloons, run, slide, and enjoy the explosion!

Even without the balloons, the water slide will add plenty of fun to your backyard.

Best age range for BOB Waterslide is ages 5-12. Younger kids may enjoy it too when the big kids aren’t around depending on the child’s developmental skill set. Manufacturer recommendations include the reminder that balloons are involved which are a choking hazard and adult supervision is required. Check the packaging for more safety information.

The Bunch O Balloons Small Water Slide Wipeout is available at Amazon and comes with the slide that has 2 lanes, 6 packs of balloons, and the sprinkler O-ring attachment. 

More balloons can be purchased as well in their own packs for fun all summer long.

I can’t wait for our next event in the backyard to include this fun summer toy.

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Have you tried the balloon water slide?

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