Man Tries To Rescue A Cat From A Deep Pit, But It Doesn’t Go As Planned [Video]

No one wants to see an animal suffer, and many of us would go to great lengths to save an animal in need.

I’ve seen videos of people climbing out onto dangerous bridges to rescue stranded cats.

Videos of animal rescuers climbing large ladders to save cats, and even bears from trees.

cat stuck in a deep hole video - Kids Activities Blog
Do you need help, kitty?

One of my favorites was a human chain that formed to rescue a dog trapped on top of a car that was surrounded by flood waters.

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In short, we do what we can.

But sometimes the animals aren’t nearly as grateful as we’d like them to be.

Take this cat, for instance.

When this man notices a cat stuck at the bottom of a deep hole, he decides it is his job to go about rescuing it.

So he retrieves a ladder, puts it in the hole, and with a friend nearby filming, he goes about rescuing the cat.

Only, it doesn’t go as planned.

Take a look!

Man Tries to Rescue Cat from Deep Hole

I mean, it’s great that the cat is safe and all, but I would pay a million dollars to know what that man is saying right now! Seriously, have you ever seen anything like that before in your life?

I haven’t!

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Did you like the cat stuck in the hole video?


  1. Oh my gosh that kitty was like Spiderman but a cat! Amazing!

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