Ever hear of the Brooklyn cat cafe? Well, you’re in the treat. The Brooklyn cat cafe is obviously known for its cats. However, they’ve done something amazing? The Brooklyn cat cafe has hired rats to help raise kittens! How crazy?! Take a look!

kittens are raised by rats video - Kids Activities Blog
Rats aren’t known for being best friends with cats…

Brooklyn Cat Cafe

RATS and cats aren’t famous for their strong friendship.

Yet, this New York cafe en’tails’ peace and harmony between the furry animals.

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The Brooklyn Cat Cafe located on Atlantic Avenue has recruited two rodents, Emile and Remy, to help care for young orphaned kittens.

screenshot of rats taking car of kittens
Rats taking care of cats?

Cafe Owner, Anne Levin says that it started when a kitten came in who tested positive for leukemia.

That kitten couldn’t be around the rest of the cats, so they brought in a rat to act as a surrogate to keep the kitty company.

screenshot of kitten and rat sleeping together
Friendship in the most unusual place!

Rats Taking Care of Cats

Though the young kitten passed away, the rats were such a hit that the cafe decided to bring in more.

They make great companions for the kittens, and give the nursing mamas a break from all that kitty playtime.

screenshot of rat and cat play time
Let’s play!

Even if you aren’t a fan of cats, you have to admit this is pretty darn adorable.

Take a look!

Rats Care for Cats Video At The Brooklyn Cat Cafe

There are cats of all ages at the cafe, and most are adoptable.

Not sure if the rats are up for adoption, but I’m glad they’ve all found a place in Brooklyn to call their own.

screenshot of cat adoption sign
Pick me!

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