SOMEONE colored on her tummy, but she has NO IDEA who it was!

Little kids are hilarious when they’ve done something wrong. Especially when they try so hard to act like they weren’t the ones who did it. Remember John? The little who was caught eating sprinkles…because he had them all over his face? Or the two little boys whose father found them completely covered in paint after they painted each other? Well, this little sweetie here is ready to join their ranks. When her mom (grandma? aunt?) catches her literally red, well, bellied…she claims she has NO IDEA how it got there…then, you won’t believe who she blames!

I’m pretty sure it wasn’t mom, kiddo, but good job sticking to your story! Luckily most kiddo’s grow out of this stage quickly, and here’s hoping Taylor does, too! Good luck, mom and dad! And thanks for the giggle!

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