Toddlers are weird, and I don’t think any of us can predict exactly what they’re going to do next.

I think it’s because they’re starting to come into their own.

Like, when they’re baby-babies, they depend on us completely for everything, so that dependence makes them a little more pliant.

But as they get older and start doing things on their own, there’s no way to stop the weirdness that comes out of them: they live life on their terms and we’re just along for the ride.

Texas mom treats toddler like a dog video - Kids Activities Blog - toddler in dog costume
What do toddlers REALLY want?

Which is exactly where this Spring, Texas mom finds herself these days.

For whatever reason, her two-year-old has decided to stop being a child.

Says Mom,  “Our 2-year-old refuses to come to us when we call him by his real name, or even simply by his nickname. He will, however, come to us if we call him like a puppy, on hands and feet and with his tongue sticking out and all.”

Take a look!

Texas Mom Treats Toddler Like a Dog Video

As silly as this is, it’s a pretty good bet it’s just a phase…and her very creative child will be back to being a child again in no time.

Or, at least, we hope…

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Has your toddler ever acted like a dog?

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