People Are Throwing Over-The-Top Birthday Parties for Their Dogs and I Want An Invite to Every One

Imagine getting a birthday invitation in the mail but it isn’t to an adult or child’s birthday party, instead, it’s to a dog’s birthday party.

I don’t know about you, but I am so THERE.

I mean, what could be better than dogs and cake? I say nothing is.

While this may seem over the top and a tad bit extra, people are actually throwing over-the-top birthday parties for their dogs. Seriously, I want an invite to every party!

Over-the-Top Dog Parties

People truly love their pets and these dog parties prove there is no limit on showering their pups with love.

Some people are choosing “pawty” themes for their dogs like Encanto dog parties, Luau dog parties, dinosaur dog parties and even fancy pink dog parties.

Oh and let’s not forget the awesome dog treats – people are getting specialty cakes and cookies made that are dog safe. I’m sure they have some edible for the humans too!

And for guests, other dogs and their families are getting invited too. It’s totally a real birthday party but for all the pups!

This is seriously the cutest idea and now I am sitting here trying to decide which dog party themes to go with for my dogs’ birthdays!

I love this so much. It is cuteness overload!!

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