Want to learn how to make braided dog toys? The follow our step by step tutorial to make a homemade braided dog toy! This simple braided pull toy is perfect for dogs of all sizes…in fact, you can customize the size to fit your dog perfectly. With up-cycled supplies and less than 5 minutes, you and your dog will be having a ball! Or a pull…Kids of all ages will learn how to make braided dog toys so that their best pal can have all the fun!

DIY Braided Dog Toy - 3 braided dog toys on a white background
Let’s make a dog toy!

Simple Homemade Dog Toy

Kids will love helping make a homemade dog toy for their best furry friend. All you need are some old stretchy clothes – we used leggings in this example.

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Clean out your closet AND make a fun toy? What a win-win for the entire family.

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Supplies Needed for Braided Dog Toy

  • 1 pair of worn out leggings (or other stretchy fabric worn out clothing)
  • Scissors

How to Make a Braided Dog Toy

how to make braided dog toys- Steps to making a dog pull toy using leggings and scissors
Here are the steps to making a dog pull toy!

Step 1

Start by cutting the leggings at the top of each leg, just under the pant’s crotch. Run the scissors down the seam of each leg, opening it up and creating two large pieces of fabric, each about 5 inches wide.

Step 2

Cut the remaining waist of the leggings down the backside to create a third large piece of fabric about 5 inches wide.

Step 3

Gather the 3 pieces of fabric and tie a knot in the end. Start braiding the fabric — the width of the fabric will allow you to create a thick braid. Once you get to the bottom, knot it and trim the excess fabric from the ends.

Dog laying with braided dog toy in mouth on rug - Kids Activities Blog
Dogs love the braided pull toy!

Our Experience Making Braided Dog Pull Toy

We made several different colors and sizes of this DIY dog toy and they lasted much longer than I expected! I also found that they could be thrown into the washer and dyer as long as the end knots were secure for cleaning.

Braided Doy Toys

Your dog will love these toys. They make great tug toys for tug-of-war for pups and pets. And you could probably make these braided dog toys out of other strips of cloth from extra fleece fabric, shirts, whatever strips of fabric you may have.

However, make sure it doesn’t have any sequins, beads, tear easily, or excess strings on the fabric. Homemade toys can be say for small dogs and bigger dogs. But if your dog turns your braided dog toy into a chew toy and starts shredding this braided dog tug toy, the pet parents need to have close supervision so dogs don’t eat the pieces of fabric.

Yield: 1

Braided Dog Pull Toy

DIY Braided Dog Toy - 3 braided dog toys on a white background

Making a homemade dog toy is way easier than you might think! Kids and dogs will love this simple dog toy craft using worn out clothing.

Active Time 20 minutes
Total Time 20 minutes
Difficulty Medium
Estimated Cost $0


  • Worn out pair of leggings


  • Scissors


  1. Cut the legs off the pair of leggings as high as you can and then split the seam with a pair of scissors.
  2. Cut the waistband off the leggings and one seam side so you now have three bands of fabric about 5 inches wide.
  3. Gather the 3 pieces of fabric at the end and tie a knot.
  4. Braid the three pieces together and knot at the end.
  5. Trim the ends if necessary.

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Did your dog love the new DIY braided dog toy?

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