Living far away from relatives when a new baby is born is hard. We lived in a different state than my parents and not being able to share those moments with my mom broke my heart.

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Sure, I sent her all the pictures I had. We Skyped. We talked on the phone, Facetimed, had our own private baby Facebook page…it just isn’t the same.

For one, having relatives around would have made a huge difference in my getting some sleep in those early days.

For another, there are so many little things that happen so fast and being able to share them with family is such an incredible joy.

As tough as it was for me, I can’t imagine what it was like for the family in this video. Their first grandbaby was born in a whole different country.

But things are about to get amazing for them…take a look!

Grandparents Surprised by Baby Video

Can you imagine that grandma’s excitement? It made me laugh because she caught on so quickly while grandpa seemed to take his time. And the way she jumped up to see them? Truly priceless.


Did you love the grandparent video?

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