Let’s Make Grandparents Day Crafts For or With Grandparents!

Grandparents Day happens just once a year and it is a great time to make grandparents day crafts. These crafts are great for kids to make for grandparents…or with grandparents if you are lucky enough to be together.

Grandparents Day is the first Sunday after Labor Day making it September 10, 2023. We hope you enjoy these simple and crafty ways to show grandma and grandpa that you love them!

Grandparent day crafts that kids can make for or with grandparents - Kids Activities Blog - 6 grandparents crafts shown
Let’s make grandparent day crafts!

Best Grandparents Day Craft Ideas for Kids

Grandparents Day or National Grandparents Day is a holiday celebrated in multiple countries celebrating the importance of family and grandparents.

Modern life has made it hard to always celebrate Grandparents Day together, but that doesn’t have to stop the fun. You can make these grandparents day crafts ahead of time and mail them to your grandma/grandpa. You can make them together as a grandparents day activity either in person or over video chat.

Favorite Grandparents Day Crafts

Let’s make some crafts for/with grandma & grandpa!

handmade grandparent cards from paint sample cards from serving pink leonade
This adorable grandparents day craft uses paint samples from the hardware store!

1. Make a Sample of Your Love Craft for Grandparents

This sweet little book about why your child adores grandma and grandpa is made out of paint samples and created by Serving Pink Lemonade.

What a fun and colorful way to show you care!

personalize plaque for grandparents day from One Time Through
Make this cool personalize plaque for grandma and grandpa!

2. Personalized Grandparents Day Sculpture

This really fun idea to make a personalize sculpture celebrating all the things that are shared like interests and memories is a perfect grandparents day gift from One Time Through.

make cards together for grandparents day from wugs and dooey
Let’s do a card craft together!

3. Make a Card for Each Other on Grandparents Day

I love this open-ended flower card craft which would be really fun to make together whether that is in person or over video chat. Each person could have their own supplies, make the cards at the same time, let them dry and send them to each other! All the instructions are over at Wugs & Dooey.

decorate mugs with art its dishwasher safe from kids activities blog - two sharpie decorated mugs
Make personalize mugs for grandparents day!

4. Personalized Art Mugs that are Dishwasher Safe

This DIY mug idea is perfect for kids to make for grandparents or with grandparents. They are dishwasher safe so grandma and grandpa can use them every day.

make painted heart rocks for grandparents day - Kids Activities Blog
Find and paint rocks together to hide with sweet messages…

5. Make Painted Rocks for Grandparents Day Craft

If you are together, then go on a scavenger hunt looking for small rocks to paint together and make heart painted rocks. Paint solid colors and then add special messages with paint pens or decorate with hearts and doodles. Kids can hide finished rocks around their grandparents house to be found in the future…

salt dough handprint craft to do with grandparents
Let’s make handprint keepsakes!

6. Make a Handprint Keepsake

This super sweet handprint keepsake is perfect for adding a photo of the family in the star. This would be fun to have grandma and grandpa make handprints too! Find all the directions over at Teach Me Mommy.

paper mache bowl for kids to make with grandparents is very easy craft with limited supplies
Let’s make paper mache together!

7. Easy Craft with Limited Supplies to Make Together

If you are apart and want to make something together that you both have on hand, we suggest paper mache! Just a few things you have in the kitchen and the recycling bin and you both can start making paper mache bowls or more. It is a great project that you can follow each other over the next few days for extra grandparent bonding time.

Make a grandkids photo rack from School Time Snippets
Grandma and grandpa can add pictures of the grandkids!

8. Grandkids Photo Line Up

This is a cute grandparents day craft that will remind them of the grandkids all year long! Check out the adorable details on School Time Snippets.

send a hug through the mail - life size - Kids activities blog
Kids can send a life-size hug!

9. Send a Life Size Hug for Grandparents Day

Sending hugs in the mail has never been easier with this super fun and easy paper craft and hug poem for kids which is perfect for sending to grandma and grandpa on grandparents day!

grandparent handprint craft idea from Schooltime Snippets
Make this cute I love you more than…

10. I Love You More Than ____ Craft

This cute I love you more than craft comes from Schooltime Snippets. Kids can fill in the blanks of the I love you more than poem and add their handprints to show grandparents what they mean to them.

More Grandparents Day Ideas & Fun from Kids Activities Blog

How are you celebrating grandparents day? Which of these grandparents day crafts is your favorite? Did we miss any crafts you love?

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