Kids are lucky they are cute. Some kids have to be WAY cuter than others in order to make up for the awful trail of destruction they leave in their wake. Elijah is one of those kids. Though he was born small, he was nicknamed “Bear” by his family because of his charge-ahead attitude. The youngest of four kids, this kiddo leaves lines of mess where ever he goes. His mama said that on the day this happened she was busy cleaning up his sister’s room (a mess that he made, no less), when she noticed he’d been quiet for all of about two minutes. Two minutes with Bear is two minutes too long. And when she found him in the kitchen, she discovered her worst fears – Bear had struck…again. Take a look! Like I said, some kids are lucky they are cute. Bear better stay cute for at least a few more years…if for no other reason than I’m pretty sure that’s how long it’s going to take his mama to finish cleaning up this eggy mess!

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