We love egg carton crafts because it’s great to make things from  recyclable  items.  It’s good to get a second use out of things – even food containers!  Plus, we know you don’t have to spend a lot at the craft store to make pretty things.

Here are some egg carton crafts we found in our kids activities link-up, It’s Playtime!  You can share your activities there, too, every Wednesday afternoon.

12 {Creative} Egg Carton Crafts

12 {Creative} Egg Carton Crafts

1.  Celebrate the holidays with a Christmas tree  … made from an egg carton!

2.  Try and get a scare out of dad with this  bouncing spider!

3.  Practice color sorting  by painting two egg cartons, then making a color matching game.

4.  Make a colorful  caterpillar  with an egg carton and add pipe cleaners for the antennas.

5.  These egg carton  owls  are super cute!  All you need is paint and googley eyes… and an adult to cut.

6.  Make your own alligator or dinosaur puppet and use egg cartons to make their mouth.

7.  Help teach your kids how to brush their teeth and why it’s important with this  giant mouth model.

8.  Easily make a spooky black bat Halloween decoration.

9.  Here’s another simple carton craft: a red apple with a pipe cleaner stem.  

10.  Turn yourself into your favorite animal by making  animal noses.

11.  Cut an egg carton into individual sections, number them with a corresponding numbered candy and make a number toss game.

12.  Make a beautiful art painting of  spring flowers  with, you guessed it, egg cartons!

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Hey, check out these egg carton crafts for kids!

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