New week, new crafts! Today we have tons of bottle crafts for the whole family. If you are looking for a new use for your old glass bottles, empty wine bottles, water bottles or just any old bottle you have around the house, we are sharing with you our favorite 56 bottle crafts.

Bottle Crafts Feature Image - Collage of 9 plastic bottle crafts - including bottle vases, flower decoration, and vibrant plastic bottle apple decorations
Let’s reuse some old bottles to make beautiful bottle crafts!

Best Bottle Crafts For Kids and Adults

Here at Kids Activities Blog we love DIYs, and that’s why today we’re sharing with you some great ideas for things to do with your empty bottles. Why throw them away if you can find creative ways to turn them into fun crafts instead?

We just know you’re going to have so much fun making a simple project (or two, three, or as many as you want).

Keep on reading to create new home decor, a great gift, or just have fun doing DIY projects with the kids. It doesn’t matter what you’re looking for as long as you have fun!

Enjoy these step by step tutorial compilation and don’t forget to tell us which one was your favorite bottle craft!

Let’s get started.

Easy Plastic Bottle Crafts

1. Make a Magical Bottled Fairy Dust Necklace

Bottles with corks and colorful cotton balls and sparkles- bottle art Kids Activities Blog
This would be the best gift to give to a best friend.

This is the cutest bottled fairy dust necklace craft for kids of all ages. Bring out your glitter, yarn, food dye, and small glass bottles! You won’t believe how fun it is to make.

2. Let’s Make Soda Bottle Bats for Halloween

Halloween bat with paper wings, painted black bottle, googly eyes, and white teeth- bottle art kids activities blog
Follow the steps to create this fun bat craft.

This soda bottle bats Halloween craft is easy and great for kids of all ages, and it only requires common household supplies like a soda bottle, googly eyes, and construction paper.

3. Homemade Recycled Bottle Hummingbird Feeder & Nectar Recipe

Upside down water bottle with water and sugar, straws an flowers- kids activities blog
The most perfect summer craft!

We love teaching our kids about recycling! That’s what makes this homemade bird feeder the perfect DIY project for the whole family, at the same time we get to spend time outdoors. It’s a win-win all around!

4. Jellyfish in a Bottle

Blue water and sparkly inside the 2 liter on a white background - bottle art-  kids activities blog
Doesn’t this jellyfish look so good?

This jellyfish in a bottle is a fun preschool activity – and the kids are going to love how the floating jellyfish moves in the bottle, just like it does in the ocean. You can follow the step by step directions or watch the video tutorial to create this craft.

5. How to Make Pokemon Sensory Bottle

Pokemon pikachu sensory bottle - bottle art- kids activities blog-
Gotta catch ’em all!

If you have a young one that likes Pokémon, then you definitely need to create this Pokemon sensory bottle. Kids will have so much fun shaking the glittery sensory bottle trying to catch ’em all!

6. Water Bottle Craft ~ Whirligigs

water bottle whirly with gems bottle art for outside
This is such a beautiful craft!

It’s time for a summer-time water bottle craft! This one is not only easy to make, but it also works as a beautiful outdoor home decor. And the best thing is that it teaches children the meaning of recycling.

7. How to Make a Sparkly DIY Galaxy Jar

DIY Galaxy jar bottle art using starbucks bottle
Wow, such a beautiful craft!

Looking for another sensory jar that is fun for both younger children and older children? Then let’s learn how to make a sparkly DIY galaxy jar with a clear glass bottle, cotton ball, and other easy supplies.

8. Valentine Sensory Bottle

Valentine sensory jar- bottle art with red gel and sparkles
Let’s celebrate Valentine’s Day!

Here’s another cute sensory bottle! You can make your own Valentine sensory bottles full of sparkles and fun. Toddlers, preschoolers, and even kindergarteners will love these fun sensory bottles.

9. Make Lightning in a Bottle: A Percy Jackson Craft for Kids

Percy Jackson bottle art craft for kids with sparkly lightning in water
This craft is so simple to make.

Let’s make lightning in a bottle! To make this exciting craft based on Percy Jackson and the Olympians, you’ll need an empty water bottle, food coloring, iridescent cellophane, and other supplies you can find in your local craft store.

10. Mini Fishbowl Craft for Kids

Mini fish bowl with foam fish and button rocks, bottle art
We love cute decoration like this one!

Children will enjoy creating a Mini Fishbowl Craft! This fish craft is fun for kids of all ages and only requires a jar, buttons, string, and other fun things to decorate it with.

11. Glowing Sensory Bottle for Bedtime

Glowing sensory bottle with sparkles, blue water, and glow in the dark starts- bottle art
Count the starts to fall asleep quickly.

Time for a bottle full of sparkles and glowing stars. This sensory bottle is a great way to help children relax and start getting ready to sleep. Get your used plastic bottle and the best part, glow in the dark paint!

12. DIY Tutorial: Sunflower Wine Bottle Centerpiece

Sunflower bottle art centerpiece reusing wine bottles
We love this centerpiece!

We love wine bottle projects! This wine-themed centerpiece is beautiful, and all you need is a few empty wine bottles, mason jars, and your favorite decoration supplies. Fresh flowers look great in these DIY wine bottle crafts! From Craft and Sparkle.

13. Frosted Luminary Wine Bottles

Christmas light up bottles- festive bottle art craft
These would look amazing for Christmas season.

If you are looking for a DIY hostess gift, this is it! Make a frosted luminary wine bottle with a glass wine bottle with cork (this is important!), mini Christmas lights, and other supplies. This craft is suitable for adults. From That’s What Che Said.

14. DIY Tutorial: Wine & Lace Centerpieces

Wine and lace wine bottle vase with paint bottle art
They would look perfect for a wedding.

Hostess with the Mostess shared a fun DIY Tutorial featuring an artistic way to repurpose those empty wine bottles! Just follow the tutorial with 8 steps and enjoy the beautiful finished result.

15. DIY Macrame Wine Bottle Hanger

Macrame bottle art with flowers
What a creative use for old wine bottles.

Wondering what to do with an empty wine bottle, besides recycle it? If you want to upcycle a wine bottle, then you’ll love this easy DIY macrame wine bottle hanger from Single Girls DIY.

16. Wine Bottle Crafts ~ Make Spring Vases

Spring time bottle art wine vases
These bottles make perfect gifts.

Don’t you just love good wine bottle crafts? They’re very fun to make and even prettier to use or look at. Follow this tutorial to make pretty and glittery vases from wine bottles. From Real Creative Real Organized.

17. DIY Wine Bottle Citronella Candles (Video)

Citronella candles using wine bottles- bottle art
What a creative repurpose for old wine bottles.

Make your outdoor entertaining area look more classy by replacing your tiki torches with recycled colorful wine bottles. Here’s a simple tutorial to make your own wine bottle citronella candles in a matter of minutes. From Hello Glow.

18. How To Build A Wine Bottle Bird Feeder

Build a bottle bird feeder- bottle art
Let’s feed the birdies in an elegant way!

Down Home Inspiration shared how to build a wine bottle bird feeder that is not too difficult to make (even less so if you have the right tools) and the end result is simply beautiful.

19. DIY Painted Bottle Lamp Upcycle

Upcycle bottle lamp- bottle art
You wouldn’t believe it’s an old wine bottle.

Here’s a fun craft to celebrate Earth Day – let’s make a DIY painted bottle lamp. You can paint it in any color you like, it’ll look really elegant in any color. From One Dog Woof.

20. Beer Bottle Tiki Torches

Tiki torches made from bottles- bottle art
Old bottles have so many different uses.

Here are two variations of how to reuse and repurpose beer bottles into tiki torches. Of course there are endless possibilities, so just use your imagination and get some inexpensive accessories. From Craft Beering.

21. DIY Steampunk Wine Bottle Lamp

Steampunk bottle lamp- bottle art
If you love steampunk, this is the craft for you.

Follow this tutorial to create your very own DIY steampunk wine bottle lamp. It’s very retro-looking and the best of all is how nice it’ll look in your home. From Morena’s Corner.

22. DIY Wine Bottle Bird-Feeders

Cute blue bird feeder made from wine bottles- bottle art
Make your garden even more beautiful!

Here’s another bottle bird feeder craft that will look so nice in your garden. Drilling the bottle is a bit difficult, but this tutorial has all the needed steps to make it easier. From Rebecca’s Bird Gardens.

23. How to Put Christmas Lights in a Wine Bottle

Twinkle light bottle art
We love recycled bottle crafts!

Transform your old bottle of wine into a useful memento or festive home decor. Then, use these bottle lights to brighten up any room! Don’t they look so beautiful? From eHow.

24. DIY Glittered Wine Bottles!!!

Glittered wine bottle crafts decor
Enjoy your new repurposed bottles!

Here are two different ways to transform your old bottle into glittered wine bottles. Yes, glitter! Both ways are easy and the result is simply gorgeous. From Jenny In The Spot.

25. DIY Basics: Ombre Wine Bottles

Ombre halloween candy corn wine bottle white orange and yellow bottle crafts

Here’s a quick and easy way to create an ombre wine bottle centerpiece – all you need is a few cans of spray paint! These are perfect for Halloween but you can decorate them on different colors depending on the occasion. From Brit & Co.

26. My Ballard Design Demijohn Knock Off Only Better With Bling!

Knock off decor bottle art and craft with ges and macrame
These bottles are absolutely beautiful.

Get some inspiration to make your own fish netted demijohns with your old bottles. They are much cheaper than the original ones and just as beautiful, if not more. From Cameo Cottage Designs.

27. Snowmen Wine Bottle Art

Snowman wine bottle with scarves and hats bottle crafts
Merry Christmas!

Want a wintery bottle craft? Then you have to make these snowmen wine bottle art crafts! As long as you have acrylic paint, black felt, ribbon, and the empty bottles, you’re all set to make your snowmen. From Lipstick On The Lake.

28. Recycled Wine Bottle Christmas Craft Idea

Snowflake glitter paint wine bottle art

Here’s a recycled wine bottle Christmas craft idea that you can’t miss. It’s fairly easy and you can make many in the same afternoon. It’s time to get into the festive mood with these bottle crafts! From Debbie Doo’s.

29. Upcycle Wine Bottles to Terrarium Wonderlands

Terrarium bottle crafts
These are the most perfect centerpiece.

Create your own whimsical land of tiny garden fairies, mushrooms, moss and more with this DIY terrarium wine bottle world. Isn’t it beautiful? From Saved by Love Creations.

30. How to Make a Wine Bottle Lamp

Transform your wine bottle into a wine bottle lamp! You can use any type of wine bottle for this project and feel free to get creative with your decorating. Simply follow the video tutorial! From Diane Hoffmaster.

31. Decoupaged Wine Bottle Inspired by Blue and White Porcelain

Decoupaged wine bottle white and blue bottle crafts
Perfect home decor for all-year round.

Recycling a glass wine bottle into a vase is a wonderful and clever way to make a decorative item for our homes while being kind to the earth at the same time. This beautiful Asian-style vase is easy to make but does take some time – but trust us, the finished result is worth it. From The Spruce Crafts.

32. Halloween Crafts: Upcycle a Bottle into Frankenstein

halloween frankenstein bottle decor craft
You simply need 4 supplies for this craft.

Get a green bottle and transform it into a simple Frankenstein! It’s the perfect Halloween decoration, inexpensive, and definitely still playful enough for the kiddos. From Crafting a Green Word.

33. DIY: How to Make a Bottle Tree for Your Garden

Bottle tree outside decoration bottle crafts
You can even decorate this bottle craft according to the holiday season.

Love gardens? Then this garden art craft is for you. Follow this tutorial to create bottle trees that glisten in the sun and howl in the wind. You’ll love how easy they are to make and that you don’t need to water or worry about them. It’s a great way to make your garden look even more beautiful. From Dengarden.

34. Monster Mash….

Monster bottles - bottle crafts for kids
Use your old soda bottles to create these cute monsters.

Let’s make some cute monsters for Halloween – don’t worry, these are not spooky at all so they are perfect for your little one to play with or add some candy inside… They are candy-gorging monsters, after all! From Craftberry Bush.

35. Crystal Crowns

Crystal crown bottle crafts for kids
Perfect for the little princess of the house!

You won’t believe how pretty these crystal crowns look, and you’ll be more surprised to hear they’re made out of empty plastic bottles and glitter glue. Really, that’s it! From Paper Plate and Plane.

36. Water Bottle Fish Craft

Fish colorful googly bottle crafts for kids
The googly eyes make this bottle art craft even better.

Have a little one that simply loves the ocean? Then this is the craft for you. This water bottle fish craft is both easy and fun for kids of all ages and kids can make so many different fish designs with a simple empty water bottle and some markers. From Meaningful Mama.

37. Plastic Water Bottle Flowers

Fun and cute flower bottle crafts for kids
There are so many different designs for you to try out.

Are you looking for a fun way to celebrate spring or summer? Here’s a fun project for kids that uses the entire bottle, and is completely friendly with kids of all ages, although kids might need help from an adult to cut through the bottle. From Crafts by Amanda.

38. DIY Recycled Plastic Bottle Hairstyling Doll

DIY bottle doll bottle crafts for kids
Imagine all the hairstyles you can make and all the fun you’ll have.

This DIY craft project uses recycled plastic bottles to turn them into a fun hairstyling head doll, with “hair” that actually grows! You only need big plastic water bottles, yarn, and the typical craft supplies. From Handmade Charlotte.

39. Art Projects for Kids: Recycled Bottle Koinobori

Koinoboro bottle craft for kids
Isn’t this craft so pretty?

Kids will have so much fun making their own version of a Japanese koinobori wind sock. With a few craft supplies and a kid willing to make this craft, you’re all set for an afternoon of good fun. From Childhood 101.

40. Recycled Plastic Bottle Wind Spinner

Colorful plastic bottle wind spinner craft
Have fun creating this wind spinner this summer!

Check out this easy craft for kids to do during the summer which is super functional too – this wind spinner is made from a recycled plastic bottle and is a great way to keep critters out of your garden. From Crafts by Amanda.

41. Plastic Bottle Wind Chimes – a Recycled Craft for Kids

Bead and bottle art wind chimes
This craft is made entirely out of a recycled bottle and other supplies.

To make these DIY wind chimes from Happy Hooligans, all you need is a plastic bottle, paint, yarn and buttons! They will make your backyard space so much colorful and exciting. Plus, you can make them in many different colors and add different details!

42. Apple Juice Bottle Snow Globe

Apple sauce bottle snow globe bottle art
Doesn’t this craft look completely beautiful?

This apple juice bottle snow globe craft is suitable for toddlers and preschoolers (and up) because it is very easy to make. Just get the supplies and follow the video tutorial to make your own pretty snow globe made with an apple juice bottle. From Smart School House.

43. Plastic Bottle Pet Pot

Pet pot bottle craft for kids
The lil ribbon is such a cute addition!

Here’s a tutorial to make plastic bottle pet pots (tutorial shows how to make a bunny and a bear but you can make whatever animal you prefer). They make the perfect nursery room decoration or wherever you want to place your new plant pots. From Handimania.

44. Fairy House Night Lights

Magical fairy lights from bottle crafts
Make these lamps in any color you want.

Turn empty plastic water bottles into adorable little fairy house night lights! Fun for a child’s room or a nursery, or even the garden. You can also find some information about the importance of recycling, that you can share with your children. From Crafts by Amanda.

45. Wrapped Bottle Centerpieces

Wrapped bottle centerpieces bottle art
They are perfect for everyday home decor too.

Wrapped bottle centerpieces are so popular right now, especially for weddings or other events. Follow this tutorial from Bride On A Budget to see how easy and adorable these centerpieces are. With just some recycled bottles, twine or yarn, glue and scissors, you’ll be able to make your own.

46. Water Bottle Penguin Craft

Bottle penguin crafts for kids with scarves and hats
Brr! These penguins made out of recycled bottles are the perfect winter craft.

Preschoolers will love turning empty water bottles into penguins with this super easy tutorial. This is a perfect winter craft and requires very basic supplies – all while reducing trash by recycling plastic bottles. From Homeschool Preschool.

47. Baby Play Simple Ideas: Sea in a Bottle for Crawling and Sitting Bubs

Baby play sea in a bottle bottle craft for kids
This bottle craft is a great way to soothe your baby.

If you can’t go to the beach, then bring the beach to the house! This “sea in a bottle” is super quick and easy to make, and great for babies to play with. Follow the step by step instructions and you’ll have your own sea in a bottle in a matter of minutes. From Childhood 101.

48. Adorable Yogurt Bottle Snowmen

Adorable snowman bottle crafts for kids with hats, buttons, and scarves
Let’s welcome winter with fun snowmen bottle craft.

Get your recycling bin and have fun creating these snowmen… made out of yogurt bottles! Kids will have so much fun creating these yogurt bottle snowmen – especially adding the funny googly eyes! From Happy Hooligans.

49. Water Bottle Wind Spirals

Colorful wind spirals bottle art for kids
We love gorgeous crafts.

These colourful water bottle wind spirals are not only beautiful, but they are very easy to make as you only need empty water bottles and sharpie markers. Yes, that’s it! Make a few and watch them dance in the wind. From Happy Hooligans.

50. Frosted Wine Bottle Centerpiece Idea

Frosted wine bottle centerpiece bottle art with lights
The twinkle lights are a really nice touch.

Find a new purpose for your old wine bottles! These wine bottle centerpieces are very elegant and look good on any coffee table. If you have some empty wine bottles lying around, then this is the craft you need to make today. From Sustain My Craft Habit.

51. Recycle Plastic Bottles and Make Super Cute Apple Shaped Boxes

Apple shaped boxes bottle craft
Look at how cute these bottles turned out!

These apple shaped boxes made out of recycled plastic bottles are more than a fun craft, you can actually use them to keep candies or even give as a present. From Creative Jewish Mom.

52. Make a Unique Piggy Bank out of a Plastic Bottle

Piggy banks bottle craft look like princess and rocket ship
This craft teaches kids to be more responsible in a fun way!

Let’s recycle and teach kids to save money with these coin banks made out of bottles. You just need empty plastic milk bottles and permanent markers. You can make a rocket, a doll, or anything you want – the possibilities are endless. From Krokotak.

53. DIY Painted Vases

Painted bottle art vase centerpieces
These crafts are also great for bridal showers and other special events.

These painted vases are absolutely gorgeous! It’s a great way to “up-cycle” some glass bottles and make them into the perfect wedding centerpiece, using just recycled glass bottles, paint, plastic syringe, vase liner & flowers. From Rustic Wedding Chic.

54. Gift Idea: Upcycled Wine Bottle Vases for Mom with Free Printable

Gifted upcycled wine bottle art
DIY presents are simply the best you can give.

These upcycled wine bottle vases are great for Mother’s Day and take no time to make. This great tutorial also includes a free printable card to complete your Mother’s Day present. From Tatertots and Jello.

55. Milk Bottle Elephants

Milk bottle elephant craft bottle crafts for kids
This craft can easily be adapted to make mammoths instead of elephants, BTW.

Here’s another fun craft for kids to make – a colorful elephant using a recyled milk bottle and tissue paper. Try making a whole family of elephants with different colors for ultimate fun! From My Kid Craft.

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56. DIY Plastic Bottle Bird House

Plastic bird houses with pretty colors and loops bottle crafts for kids
Let’s take care of Mother Nature as much as we can!

Let’s take care of birds while decorating our backyards with these super cute DIY plastic bottle bird houses! With some plastic bottles, a pair of sharp scissors, a paint and brush, and a string of wire, you can make your own recycled bird houses. From Goods Home Design.

Not enough Crafts? Here are OUR FAVORITE IDEAS from Kids Activities Blog:

Which bottle craft do you want to try out first?

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