Hands-on math games are a great way to add variety to your child’s education…not to mention a fun way to practice math facts!     Egg-O is a quick game you can use to practice addition, subtraction, or multiplication facts. To Make The Game: Using an old egg carton, write a number on the bottom of each cup.     I printed out simple instructions and glued them to the inside. To Play The Game: Place two buttons inside the carton, close the lid, and shake! Open the lid & either add, subtract (starting with the bigger number), or multiply your two numbers. Scoring Variations: Addition: Players add their scores as they play.   The first person to reach 100 wins! Subtraction: Players begin with 100 points.   Players subtract each difference from the 100 points.   The first person to reach zero wins! Multiplication:   Players add their quotents as they play.   The first person to reach 500 wins!
The instructions I glued on the inside of the lid: Put two buttons in the carton & close the lid. Shake, shake, shake! Open the lid & look at the numbers your buttons land on. Multiply your numbers! Each player adds their scores as you play.   The first person to reach 500 wins!

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  1. I did this when I was a child! (The answer in multiplication is the product; the quotient is the answer in division.)

  2. Thanks for a great idea for my homework for the younger kids in my school. My homework was to create a maths game for year 5’s and this really helped.

    thanks, Oliver Astle age 12

  3. I am a former classroom teacher who now is an educator for the Recycling Division of Mahoning County, Ohio. I am always looking for new ways to reuse materail in the classrooms. Thank you so much for this great reuse idea! I will share it with the teachers in Mahoning County.

  4. Fun, simple and free learning game. I can hardly wait to play this game with my K-1 camp kids next summer. Thanks for sharing on The Homeschool Club on Facebook. 🙂

  5. This is a great idea! I think the use of manipulatives, or anything that can be “hands on” and fun will help kids learn. This could be used for so many different concepts, and not only for numbers but letters as well.