This Dog Is The Worst Hide-And-Seek Player Ever!

Some dogs are dumb. Cute, but dumb. My parents once had a dog who, though they repeatedly tried, could never learn how to ‘sit’. The big oaf was adorable, great with kids, one heck of a cuddler, but try to get him to sit and all you’d get in return was a head tilt and probably some drool on your foot for your effort. Some dogs just aren’t that smart. It’s okay, though. What they miss in brains they make up for in being absolute and adorable clowns. Take this dog for instance. His owner is playing hide and seek with him and he just can not figure out where she is hiding…even though she is hiding right behind the door. Time and time again she calls him, and time and time again he can not figure out where she’s gone. Take a look!

I think the funniest part is that by the end she seems like she really is trying to help him find her, but he still doesn’t get it. He’s just as clueless when the game ends as he was when it began. Such a cutie.

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