Halloween Costumes for the Family

During my pregnancy with my second child, several thoughts ran through my head.

How was I going to survive with a newborn and a 20 month old?

family halloween costumes

Would I ever get to go to the bathroom alone again until the children leave for college?

Are my days of having a flat tummy gone for good?

Amidst the mommy worries, a new idea hit me. An idea that made my anxieties subside for just a bit, an idea that made me giggle with possibilities, an idea that made my upcoming title of “Mommy of two under two” just a bit more exciting.

What is such an idea’ one may ask?

That idea was that once I had two little children I could plan themed Halloween costumes for our family. Sure, I could have dressed the whole family up when we just had one baby but I never thought of that. I suppose I was too busy obsessing over all the adorable Pottery Barn costumes available for infants to come to such a conclusion.  These days Halloween is big business in the retail world so my possibilities of themed costumes for our family were (and still are… two + years later) endless.

matching halloween costumes

My idea soon became an obsession. I poured over websites, polled my blog readers, and obsessed over my choices during those middle of the night feedings. A theme was eventually chosen and went October the 31st rolled around that year, my children (and their theme) were darling.

Last year we went for a theme again and it turned out quite nice.

Just like at my house, other parents are getting into the Halloween act by putting on costumes before heading out to local festivals or setting off to trick-or-treat in the neighborhood with their children. Many families find it fun to dress in a group theme. Below are some great examples of themes families can use this Halloween, devised in my middle-of-the-night Halloween planning sessions.

  • Headed to a fire. Fire fighter is a popular costume choice for boys. Turn this choice into a creative family-theme by having one child be a fire fighter and one child a dalmatian. Mom can be a flame while Dad serves as the fire hydrant. A stroller can even be disguised to be the fire engine.
  • They’re creepy and they’re spooky.. A perfect family themed Halloween costume is dressing up as a famous family. The Addams Family, the Flintstones, the Beverly Hillbillies, and the Jetsons are all iconic families that would be perfect to re-create for Halloween.
  • What’s all the “buzzz” about. Parents often times feel like bee keepers, attempting to keep busy little bodies corralled all day. Why not transform such a thought into a Halloween costume? Mom and Dad can be the bee keeper while little ones can be the honey bees.
  • Off to Neverland. Fairy tales make for a great theme for families wishing to sport similar Halloween costumes. Go with something fun such as Peter Pan, where the males in the family can be Peter Pan or Captain Hook while the females can be Tinker-bell or Wendy. Another way to use fairy tales as a Halloween theme is to incorporate a royal attitude, having adults serve as King and Queen while children are knights and princesses.
  • Play Ball! Have a favorite sports team? Why not show some team spirit by turning a love for a sports team into a Halloween costume. Ideas range from dressing as football players, cheerleaders, or super-excited fans.
  • Howdy Partner. Set the focus on the ol West and have the family put on their best Western gear. Dad could play the Sheriff while the young boys in the family are the rowdy outlaws. Living in Texas, western supplies are easily available which makes this theme simple to create.
  • Lights, Camera, Action! Hollywood is the mecca of Halloween costume themes. Smaller families can go as Lucy, Ricki, and baby Desi while bigger groups could portray The Incredibles. With the re-release of Toy Story this month, Buzz and Woody are popular once again (not that they ever really left). Mom could be Bo Peep while Dad portrays Mr. Potato Head.

Does your family dress up in a group theme for Halloween? Leave a comment and share all the fun details of your gangs costumes.

My little family of four has selected a theme for this Halloween. The idea was actually that of my husband’s thought process (so much for my late nights surfing the Internet) and it is fabulous. We are trying to keep the theme under wraps until the 31st but most likely I will spill the beans weeks before the big event.

The idea is just that good.

Happy Halloween!

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