The Scary Trend of Halloween Costumes

Look we aren’t saying we don’t want your daughters to dress up for Halloween, we’re just saying that we want them to dress up like KIDS for Halloween, a sweet princess, a charming bumble bee, or perhaps even a spunky pirate. Not like they’re headed to a party for twenty-somethings. We need to talk about this scary trend of Halloween costumes– and I don’t mean scary Halloween costumes.

scary halloween costumes

What’s the deal with these scary Halloween costumes?

It’s no secret that young girl’s fashion is headed down a slippery slope as it attempts to incorporate a more adult look into every day wear. It’s like they want to go directly from rompers to low-rider jeans and push-up bras. So, of course that’s also happening to Halloween costumes.

Red riding  hood, which I usually think of as  an innocent costume choice for a  young girl,  has been transformed.  Gone is the image of a little girl on her  way to visit Grandma and conquer  the big bad wolf. In her place stands a version with a super short skirt and knee high socks.    Pirates are a popular costume choice, but these are just as bad. Last time I checked, Pirates didn’t need a bustier.

scary halloween costumes

I am not saying Halloween isn’t a fun time of the year to escape and dress up as your favorite characters, but what I am saying is– have little girl’s costumes gone too far?

Maybe it’s time we skip the stores and make some DIY Halloween costumes instead.


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  1. I agree that this is a scary trend; a very slippery slope for young children who are being treated as mini adults by the morally eroding mass media. So sad. I think one of the best “weapons” against such blatant denigration is to surround our children, especially daughters, with like-minded friends. Peer pressure speaks volumes more than a parents’ refusal to allow for “trendy” garb sometimes. I am ever recounting the old proverb of the frog in the slow-boiling pot, and I truly believe we did not get to this point over night. Some of the things we parents deem as “harmless” like the sexual overtones of MotoMoto in Madagascar 2 or the woman about to fire a gun at her lover in the opening scenes of Ratatouille could potentially be nothing less than a segue to a less guarded, more calloused society as a whole. Actually, I’m pretty certain some folks are already there.

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