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Halloween is going to look a little different for our family this year. We’ve decorated the front porch and will leave a tub of candy out for any children who trick-or-treat. But, we will be in the backyard watching Halloween movies on an outdoor screen with a fire going, and lots of popcorn.

This inspired our family costume idea for this year, Family Movie Night boxtumes!

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family costume idea including a movie projector, popcorn box, and movie screen

For Halloween this year, it’s easy to upcycle Amazon Prime boxes into fun, creative Halloween costumes – aka boxtumes – using just the crafting supplies you have around the house. Not only do boxtumes enable you to save more money for Halloween treats; they’re also a great way to repurpose boxes!

These movie projector, popcorn tub, and movie screen boxtumes were created with Amazon Prime boxes, tape, and other items we had around the house.

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What you need

  • Amazon Prime boxes (assorted sizes)
  • Tape
  • Paint and paintbrushes
  • Ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Box cutter
  • Hot glue or all-purpose glue
  • Pencil
  • Battery operated tealight candle


Make a movie projector boxtume

a black and silver cardboard movie projector costume for Halloween
Amazon Prime smile box before turning it into a costume for Halloween.

First, grab two Amazon boxes. Then cut out a strip of cardboard from one box and shape it into a square a little smaller than the side of the other box.

An Amazon Prime box being cut up and shaped into a costume

Use glue to attach the square to the center of your box.

boxes being glued together to make a costume

Put a plate on top of the box and trace around it twice.

a plate being traced onto a box

Then, using the lid from a can of cooking spray as a guide, cut out small circles within the large one.

a camera reel being made out of a cardboard box

Attach the cardboard projector reels to your box using glue.

a movie projector being made out of an Amazon Prime box

Cut out four identical pieces to create the extension to the projector. Glue them together, and then to the small square at the front.

cardboard movie projector costume

The last piece you need to make is a stick that you need to insert into the base of the projector to hold it. Make sure to glue it into place.

a tube made out of a cardboard box to hold a cardboard movie projector

Now we are ready to paint. You will need black paint and a paintbrush to paint the whole projector and the battery operated candle.

a handmade cardboard movie projector being painted black for a costume
small battery operated candle being painted black to go inside a costume

Add a layer of silver glitter paint to the projector reels and set aside to dry.

cardboard movie projector reels painted with silver glitter paint

Right before using the costume, turn on the light and attach it to the inside of the projector using glue or removable velcro.

cardboard movie projector craft

Make a popcorn tub boxtume

a popcorn tub costume made out of a cardboard box

You’ll need a large Amazon Prime box for this costume. Cut out a slightly angled main piece to resemble the shape of a popcorn tub. If you are making it for a child, you will probably need to cut it a little shorter.

Using a second piece of cardboard, sketch the top of the popcorn tub and an outline for the popcorn.

Tip: I used a container lid to make the half circles for the top of the popcorn tub.

how to make a popcorn tub costume for Halloween

Cut out this piece, and then use a combination of glue and tape to attach it to the main piece of the tub.

a popcorn tub being made out of an Amazon Prime box

Cut another piece of cardboard into a circular shape. Use stencils, or create the word POPCORN on your computer to make your own stencil.

instructions for making a popcorn tub costume

Cut out your circle. Attach it to the main piece of your popcorn tub using glue. Now it’s time to paint your costume.

a homemade popcorn tub cardboard costume being painted

Sketch popcorn onto the top portion of your costume, and then paint that too.

the making of a popcorn tub Halloween costume out of cardboard boxes

Finish off your costume but attaching ribbon to hang around your neck, and tie around your waist to the back of the cardboard popcorn tub.

Make a movie screen boxtume

a handmade movie screen Halloween costume made out of a cardboard box

Cut out a rectangle from your Amazon Prime box, and then cut out two long strips to glue on the top and bottom of your rectangle.

instructions for making a movie screen Halloween costume

Paint your movie screen black and white, and then make or use stencils to create the words COMING SOON.

coming soon movie screen cardboard Halloween costume

Once your words have been painted, use a yellow paint bottle lid to make ‘lights’ around the top and bottom of your movie screen.

instructions for painting lights around a movie screen costume

Attach a ribbon to the back of your costume to hang the movie screen around your neck.

handmade diy movie screen costume for Halloween

There you have it, our family movie night costume!

family costume idea including a movie projector, popcorn tub, and movie screen all made out of cardboard boxes

Make your own Boxtumes at home and share on social, tagging @amazon, #boxtumes, and #morethanabox.

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