How to Make Paper Plate Roses

Paper plates are a staple in our craft cabinet!

We have made several paper plate crafts with our preschoolers over the past year or two.

This craft was inspired by one of the valentines we found and included a couple of weeks ago in our 30 Quick and Easy Valentines post.  Thanks Dozi Designs for making mini paper roses.  They are fun to make!

paper plate craft for kids How to Make Paper Plate Roses

Supplies you will need to make your paper plate flowers:

  • Red paper plates
  • Scissors
  • Optional: a black marker

Cut a “snail” into your paper plate.  It does not need to be perfect.  Your snail can be lumpy.  Our three year old loves cutting so this was one of her favorite parts of flower making!

If your child has a hard time free-cutting, lightly draw the snail onto the plate for the to cut along.  You won’t see the pencil line when the flower is finished.

paper plate craft for kids
After you have your “snail” cut into the plate, take the outside edge and begin twisting the flower.

You want to make this as tight as possible.  My three year old started the twist and I tightened it for her once she was finished.

Here is how Holly used this as a kids craft for a class of second graders:

What fun!

paper plate craft for kids

Aren’t these just beautiful!

For older kids:  Add an educational element.  Your children can write a message inside the spirals for their valentine recipient to unravel and read.

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