Thanksgiving Crafts: {Foot Print} Turkey

We still need some ideas for Thanksgiving crafts.  Although I love doing hand and foot print crafts I wanted to refrain from doing the hand print turkeys, just because I know many people already know how to do them.  So, I decided to do a “play” on the traditional hand print turkeys; we are making a foot print turkey!  Kids Activities Blog loves colorful and creative (and easy) turkey crafts like this one.

thanksgiving craft

Thanksgiving Crafts

Materials Needed:

  • scrap pieces of paper
  • construction paper
  • glue (we used a paint brush for the glue, but you don’t need to)
  • brown paint
  • paintbrush
  • orange paper
  • red paper
  • google eyes
  • optional- Thanksgiving Stickers

To begin with, I had Rory pick out different types of paper.  Rory picked out the bright colorful pieces of scrap paper.  I then cut these out into a feather shape; rounded and larger at the top and smaller at the bottom.

When they are all cut out, have your child put some glue on the back of the feathers and arrange them on the construction paper.  We chose to use five feathers, one a the top, two at the bottom, and two in between the top feather and the bottom feather.

Foot Print

Then it was Rory’s favorite part- the Footprints!  We painted all of Rory’s feet, she used the paintbrush to paint her heels, toes, and rest of the foot.  Turn the paper with the feathers upside down and put the footprint on the paper.  Set them aside to dry

While they are drying, we cut out a triangle beaks out of the orange construction paper, and the turkey necks out of the red construction paper.  I also grabbed some googly eyes for each of the turkeys.

Once the turkeys are dry you can apply the beaks, necks, and eyes.  We then added some Thanksgiving stickers.  We can’t wait to hang up our turkeys!

More Kids Activities

Enjoy spending time with your kids as you make these adorable Thanksgiving crafts.  Most kids love projects that involve their hand or foot print and turning them into a turkey is just the perfect thing for a holiday craft.  For more creative kids activities, you can gobble up these cute ideas:

Do you have a favorite craft that you have done with your kids? We’d love to check it out, feature it in an upcoming post, pin it to our boards, etc. By linking up you are giving us permission to use your image and link to you :)

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