Today we have an easy Mayflower handprint craft perfect for preschool. This Handprint Pilgrim Ship Craft is a fun way to get ready for Thanksgiving. We turned ours into cute cards to send to friends and family! Use this handprint boat at home or in the classroom.

Handprint Pilgrim Ship Craft finished created out of brown child handprint, and construction paper waves and sails - Kids Activities Blog
Let’s Make a Mayflower Handprint Craft!

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Mayflower Handprint Craft for Kids

In the age of email, Facebook, and texting, sometimes I think that the power of hand-made and handwritten sentiments are losing both their popularity and impact. I try to ensure that my kids send out cards to family about once every three months.

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One of my favorite things to look at when I looked through my older daughter’s scrapbooks is projects that have her little handprints incorporated in them.   So, in the spirit of Thanksgiving, I helped Bear (4 yrs) make some darling Handprint Ship Cards to send out to our friends and family.

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Handprint Pilgrim Ship Craft

Supplies Needed

Video: How to Make a Mayflower Craft

Instructions to Make Mayflower Handprint

Step 1

Fold one sheet of white paper in half to create your card.

Step 2

Step 2 - How to Make a Mayflower Handprint craft - brown paint handprint for child
Time to Add your Handprint!

Make a handprint in the middle of 1/2 piece of white paper:

  1. Paint hand with brown paint
  2. Gently lay the hand on the paper and push gentle until the entire print is made
  3. Wash hand!

Step 3

Step 3 - How to Make a Mayflower Handprint craft - construction paper sails and sea added to handprint ship
Next, Let’s Add the Mayflower Details!

Add the Mayflower sails and blue wavy sea next!

  1. To make the sales, we cut small “D” shape sails out of white construction paper just a little shorter than the finger length. For this size handprint, we used three sails.
  2. To make the wavy ocean, cut blue construction paper across the height that you need in a wave pattern.
  3. Glue both the sails and the waves in place and let dry.

Step 4

Write a greeting inside your Thanksgiving card and give to a friend or relative. Happy Thanksgiving!

Our Experience Making Mayflower Craft

  • After the paper was folded in half, I got out the brown paint to create the handprint with.   Like many children, my son had to be convinced in order to allow me to brush cold, gooey paint onto his hand.
  • Then I helped Bear put a brown paint handprint in the middle of the page.   While the paint dried, I cut out some waves from blue construction paper.    Bear glued them down where he liked.   Then I trimmed off the blue edges that hung over the white paper so the cards  would fit in the envelopes.   Then he glued down the sails that I had prepared for him on the finger “masts” of the ship.
  • I printed out a short Thanksgiving message that Bear glued inside.   Then I let him “write” his own personal message with a marker.   Though, he can only write a few random letters, I know that the card recipients will appreciate his effort.
  • These handprint ship cards  were an easy project that is personal and unique to my child.   Though the design is the same, each card turned out a bit different.    What a great way to teach and  share with my son the joy and pride that preparing handmade, personalized items for loved ones creates in our hearts.

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Have fun making our Thanksgiving Mayflower handprint ship! Tell us how you used this fun Thanksgiving craft for kids in the comments below…

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  1. Love the pilgrim handprint craft. This Mayflower handprint preschool craft was quick and easy with just the mess of the handprints.