This family handprint tree is one of my favorite family tree craft ideas. We are making our family tree handprint art for Thanksgiving. The entire family can get involved by making their handprints part of the final family tree project.

finished handprint family tree craft for Thanskgiving shown with brightly colored handprints on a paper roll trunk
A handprint family tree craft for Thanksgiving.

Family Tree Craft – Family Handprint Tree

Make a handprint family tree this Thanksgiving. It will help remind everyone how important family is and what they should be thankful for. Don’t forget to write what you are thankful for on the back of your handprint.

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Today we are making thankful trees with the whole family. This is such a fun activity for everyone to do together and is a very inexpensive craft to make.

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supplies to make a handprint tree craft
Use paint, paper, and a paper roll tube to make a handprint family tree.

Supplies needed to make a handprint tree

Instructions for making a handprint tree

make a paper roll tree using a paper roll tube and a paper plate painted
Paint a paper roll tube and a paper plate to make a tree.

Step 1

Paint a couple of coats of brown paint on the paper towel roll to make it look like a tree trunk. If you don’t have a green paper plate, paint a couple of coats of green paint on the paper plate.

handprint fall art for kids
Paint hands using a paintbrush and then press it onto the paper.

Step 2

Have each family member choose a paint color (we used fall colors). Paint each person’s hand and then have them press their hand firmly onto a piece of paper. Set the handprints aside to dry.

Craft tip: If you have a lot of family members and not enough paint colors, try mixing colors to make lighter and darker shades.

A brown paper roll attached to a green paper plate to make a tree.
Attach the painted paper roll to the paper plate with glue to make a tree.

Step 3

Once the paper roll is dry, cut four 1 inch slits around one end of it. Bend the pieces back, put glue onto them, and press them onto the center of the paper plate. This will prevent your tree from toppling over once you add the handprint leaves to the top.

handprints in fall colors
Cut out colorfully painted handprints to make leaves on thankful tree craft.

Step 4

Once the handprints are dry, use scissors to cut around each one.

instructions to assemble a handprint tree for thanksgiving
Attach pipe cleaners to the back of the hands with tape.

Step 5

Attach pipe cleaners to the back of each hand with tape. Have each person write what they are thankful for on the back of the hand. Tape the other end of the hand inside the paper tube.

A handprint family tree craft for Thanksgiving
Colorfully painted handprint family tree.

Our finished Thanksgiving handprint tree

Yield: 1

Thanksgiving Handprint Tree

Handprint tree for Thanksgiving

Making a handprint family tree for Thanksgiving.

Prep Time 10 minutes
Additional Time 40 minutes
Total Time 50 minutes
Difficulty easy
Estimated Cost $0


  • Old paper towel roll
  • Paper plate
  • Acrylic paint - brown, green, and other fall colors
  • White paper or card stock
  • Pipe cleaners
  • Marker


  • Paintbrush or foam brush
  • Scissors
  • Glue and tape


  1. Paint the paper roll with brown paint and the paper plate with green paint.
  2. Once dry, cut 1-inch slits into one end of the paper roll and glue it to the middle of the paper plate.
  3. Have each family member paint their hand in a different color. Once dry, cut out the handprint.
  4. Attach pipe cleaners to the back of each hand with tape.
  5. Have each family member write something they are thankful for on the back of their handprint.
  6. Attach the other end of the pipe cleaner inside the paper roll with tape.

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