{Thanksgiving Crafts} Hand Print Craft Trees

It’s about time for the kids to start making Thanksgiving crafts!   Here is a simple way to make some colorful craft trees to decorate your home for the holidays and display the things that your family is thankful for.

We hope you love hand print art as much as we do at Kids Activities Blog.

Thanksgiving crafts

Thanksgiving Handprint Tree

Thanksgiving at our house is anything but traditional! We usually choose a country and then make their traditional cuisine.

The past few years we have had Thai, Greecian, and Indian; and all of them were a lot of work but completely worth it! We also extend an invitation to the soldiers who can not go home for the holidays to come and dine at our house.

I never have decorations or fancy table settings or traditional thanksgiving food and sometimes feel bad. Jon and I love our ethnic thanksgiving, so this year we will just make decorations for our guests.

Today we are making thankful trees, our handprint trees that show what we are thankful for on them.

Supplies Needed To Make A Thanksgiving Handprint Tree

Materials Needed:

  • old paper towel roll
  • brown paint
  • paint brushes
  • white paper
  • other colors of paint for handprint leaves
  • pipe cleaners (I used black and brown)
  • markers
  • scissors

To make the trees, start with the paper towel roll and put a couple coatings of brown paint on it to make it look like a tree stump.   Set them aside to dry.

Making Handprints For Your Thanksgiving Handprint Tree

Now it is time for hand prints!

  1. We used several different colors for the hand print leaves. We even painted a few feet!
  2. Put paint all over your hands and press them down on the white paper. You can spread your fingers out or keep them closed to make different types of leaves if you want.
  3. Set them aside and let them dry.
  4. If the paper towel roll is dry, you can then poke holes in the sides of the roll using the scissors. Make sure you do an even number of holes, because you will be putting the pipe cleaner in one hole and out through the other.
  5.   Once all the holes are poked you can thread the pipe cleaners through them.
  6. Check on your hand prints. If they are now dry you can cut them out.
  7. After they are cut out you can tape the the pipe cleaners to the back of the hand prints.
  8. Write what you are thankful for on the back of the hand print leaves.
  9. This was my favorite part because when I asked Rory what she was thankful for she said: Mommy, Daddy, Marilyn (her doll), and cereal! It was so cute!

Now you have your Thanksgiving trees!

More Thanksgiving Crafts

Thanksgiving crafts can keep kids occupied while you cook a turkey on the big day. These craft trees and hand print art also make for cute displays of gratitude. For more kids activities and Thanksgiving crafts, take a look at these fun projects:

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