{Halloween Activities} Glowing in the Dark Cards

Halloween activities like this are sure to be a hit with the kids.  Make spooky glowing in the dark invitations or cards!  Kids love all things that glow so Kids Activities Blog is super excited to share this fun idea with you!

halloween activities

Halloween Activities

Make Glow in the Dark Cards!

Gather the following supplies:

  • glow in the dark paint
  • paper
  • paint brushes
  • stencils or cookie cutters (optional)
  • letter stamps (optional)

Cover your work surface and wear paint clothes. The glow in the dark paints I found are acrylic and not washable.

Glowing in the Dark

Use Cookie Cutter Stencils!

Cookie cutters make great stencils. There are few different ways you can use cookie cutters to make shapes for your cards.

  1. Dip the cookie cutters into paint, and press the cookie cutter to the paper to make a print.
  2. Paint the cookie cutter using a brush. Then, press the cookie cutter to the paper to make a print.
  3. Use the cookie cutter like a stencil. Place the cookie cutter onto the paper. Paint around the inside of the cookie cutter.
glowing in the dark

For this pumpkin, I painted around the inside of the cookie cutter.

How to Make Glow in the Dark


Use various cookie cutters or stencils to create a design for your card. You can leave the inside of your shape open, or you can fill it in with more paint. When you are finished, take your design into a dark room, and watch it glow. The glow fades after a little while. To make the glow last longer, add an extra layer of paint. The longer you charge the paint in the sunlight (or overhead light), the longer the glow will last as well.

things that glow

I thought the house shape would work well as an invitation to a Halloween party. You can see how I used letter stamps to stamp “YOU ARE INVITED” on the paper. I dipped the stamp into the paint. When I pressed the stamp to the paper, the paint spread around the letters on the stamp, so I ended up with a negative of the letters. I thought this looked pretty cool, so I kept it.

For the other card, I simply hand painted “HAPPY HALLOWEEN” onto the paper with a skinny paint brush.

Have you ever used glow in the dark paint? What have you created?

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Halloween activities can make the whole month of October extra fun.  Glowing in the dark cards are just one fun Halloween activity.  Take a look at some of the other kids activities we have for Halloween:

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