Learning the letter P! Letter P learning Resources, alphabet recognition, phonics, activities and crafts for preschoolers. Learn to read, write and have fun with the letter P.

Let’s learn the letter P!

Learn the letter P with Kids Activities Blog - pinwheel paper craft pictured - more craft and activity ideas found at Kid's Activities Blog
keep kids engaged in learning the alphabet through fun crafts and activities!

Yay for the Letter P!

And continue our Fun with letters series, a series of fun activities to help your kid learn their ABC’s with ease!

Are your kids hungry for learning? Make these delicious homemade alphabet crackers. Who doesn’t love learning and snacking at the same time?!

Letter P Song

The letter P plays an important part in the alphabet called a consonant. To understand better what sounds the letter b can make, here is the Letter P song:

Or try this list of screen free activities for kids who love to learn with hands-on games!

Now that we are all ready, let’s move on and learn the letter P!

Letter P Lesson Plan

P is for pumpkin, pizza, and plane! P is, for sure, one of the most fun letters for kids. Who doesn’t love pizza?! How many words that start with P does your child know?

Make it a game!

  • How many places that start with P can they think of?
  • Do they know animals that start with P?
  • What other words that start with P do they know?

Letter P Crafts to Teach

P is for panda, pig, and parrot. So let’s make a parrot!

P is for Parrot - letter p craft for preschoolers and kindergarten - parrot with feathers out of craft paper - more craft and activity ideas found at Kid's Activities Blog
Letter P craft is super fun, colorful, and very easy to make. Kids of all ages will love it!

Did you know that parrots are the only birds that can eat with their feet? Isn’t that cool?!

This Craft Letter P is colorful and super easy. The feathers are just super cute!

Letter P Activities - pinwheels, penguins and pirates are all pictured as suggested kindergarten alphabet letter p activities - more craft and activities at Kid's Activities Blog
There are so many possible crafts with the letter P. Kids can make penguins, pirates, penguins, and any ideas they get with supplies you already have!

Don’t stop yet. We have over 15 Letter P Activities filled with wooden spoon pirate crafts, egg carton penguins, DIY paper spinners, and more crafts that start with the letter P.

Favorite Letter P Crafts

Preschool Letter P Printables

Worksheets that Feature the Letter P

Now that kids can recognize words that start with P, we can teach them the shape and how to write it.

  • Start with this P is for Parrot worksheet where they can practice uppercase and lowercase letter P.
  • Learning to write is a big deal for every kid, so let’s help them out as much as we can!
  • These Letter P Worksheets include different free printables that are as fun and engaging as they are sound. You will find uppercase and lowercase tracing pages, coloring sheets, and phonics activities to teach students the sounds of words that begin with Letter P.

Coloring Pages of things that start with P

More Alphabet Learning Resources

  • Color by letter worksheets is kids’ favorites. They’ll have so much fun they won’t even notice they are learning!
  • Let your kids use their creativity to the max with these easy secret code language games for kids. Codded letters are SO much fun.
  • If you aren’t able to go outside and have a scavenger hunt, you can recreate this game doing an indoor scavenger hunt. Kids will love it either way.

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