Learning the letter Y! Letter Y learning Resources, alphabet recognition, phonics, activities and crafts for preschoolers. Learn to read, write and have fun with the letter Y.

Let’s learn the letter Y!

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keep kids engaged in learning through crafts and activities!

Yay for the Letter Y!

We are almost done with our preschool alphabet learning series, and today we are learning all about the letter Y.

The letter Y is very important to the English writing system and can be a bit difficult for kids because it sometimes represents a vowel and sometimes a consonant. But don’t worry, with our crafts and activities we’ll make it very easy to learn!

Letter Y Song

The letter Y plays an important part in the alphabet called a consonant. To understand better what sounds the letter b can make, here is the Letter Y song.

If you are homeschooling your children or just want to try a new way to learn, you can use these reading games for kids or educational youtube channels to make learning fun!

Letter Y Lesson Plan

Y is for yo-yo, yacht, and yarn! We can begin this lesson by asking our young student which words that start with the letter Y they know.

Let’s make this fun!

  • How many words that start with Y can they think of?
  • Do they know any places that start with Y?
  • What about foods that start with Y?
  • Or animals that start with the letter Y?

Letter Y Crafts to Teach

We like starting our alphabet teaching lessons with a craft. Crafts are so good for kids because it helps them master motor skills, expand their creativity, and have fun, all at the same time.

Y is for Yarn - letter Y craft for kindergarten preschool - yard Y - more craft ideas at kids activities blog
This Y is for Yarn craft is a great way to teach your kids the letter Y while making it fun and artsy.

Y is a fun letter to learn. Y is for Yarn, so that’s what we’ll make first! We will be using yarn and DIY needle to make this craft. This craft is very adorable and easy to make!

We’ll use craft felt, yarn, and tape to make this adorable craft.

Try our Words that start with the letter Y activities to learn the letter Y. Let your little one make a yacht out of handprints, a yak craft, or an adorable cupcake liner yo-yo craft!

There are many fun activities to keep your kid learning.

Letter Y Crafts - letter Y activities kindergarten preschool - yak, yarn and yo yo are pictured - kids activities blog
These Letter Y Activities are perfect for kiddos just learning the alphabet because they combine learning with crafts, and who doesn’t simply love crafts?!

Favorite Letter Y Crafts

Preschool Printable Letter Y Worksheets

  • Y is for Yarn! This simple Letter Y worksheet is a perfect way to practice handwriting. Color in the yarn picture afterward (and make your own crayons to color it in!)
  • There’s a point where your youngster needs to practice their handwriting. Check out our Letter Y Worksheets which include uppercase and lowercase tracing pages, coloring sheets, and phonics activities to teach students the sounds of words that begin with Letter Y.

More Alphabet Learning Resources:

  • Here are TONS of more kids activities to help your little ones improve their handwriting skills.
  • One of our favorite free activities is this Color By Letters printable! Use them after your kids are able to recognize the letters U, V, W, X, Y, Z.
  • You can also use this printable alphabet label to organize all your alphabet crafts and worksheets.
  • Why not make fitness fun with alphabet exercise?
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