Being stuck at home has been hard for many of our children. My 11-year-old son enjoys being at home but I know that he is still missing his friends and his teachers. All over, parents and kids are finding ways to stay busy and connect with others in their neighborhoods.  Here's Why Children Are Putting Rainbow Drawings In Their Windows We’ve seen people participating in no-contact scavenger hunts, hosting chalk walks in the neighborhoods, and even hosting a no-contact bear scavenger hunt. Now, kids are placing placing rainbows in the windows of their homes. The rainbows aim to bring joy to others during this trying time. Some rainbows are posted with signs to delivery men and women thanking them, others provide uplifting messages about staying safe and how everything is going to be alright. In some areas, schools are asking kids to decorate a rainbow and put it in their window so that other kids from their school can go on a scavenger hunt. With so many kids missing their friends at school, this would be a fun way to connect, while getting in some exercise. How about starting a rainbow scavenger hunt of your own? The perfect place would be to post in your school’s Facebook group or you could also ask the school or PTA to post on their Facebook page. If enough parents signed up and said they’d love to join you, you could easily make a map showing the streets and houses where the kids should be able to find the brightly decorated windows.

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