This honey badger video is a hoot and a half. I love honey badgers, they’re so feisty and ornery and the honey badger in the video is no different! No one can keep this honey badger locked up! This video shows how this cute honey badger escapes from every enclosure they put him in. Check out this honey badger video, you’ll get a kick out of it, I know I did!

Honey Badger Escape from Enclosure - Funny video - Kids Activities blog - Honey Badger standing out on some sand
Behold the king of escape…the Honey Badger!

Super Cute Honey Badger Video

I’m going to start by saying this honey badger is a master of mischief. I used to think my child held that title from when she was three, but there is no way she comes close to creating the kind of mayhem and mischief the honey badger displays.

Honey Badgers are known for a lot of things including persistence and scrappiness.  I think their Houdini escape abilities may be a combination of those two skills! But it’s weird – even as I’m watching this lil’ guy break free over and over again, I keep rooting for him!

Just take a look!

Honey Badger Escapes From Enclosure Video

Honey Badger Escape Video

My favorite story is the one where the honey badger broke into the keeper’s house in the middle of the night.

It’s almost like he was saying, “Checkmate, pal.”

Had this fella ever gotten into major trouble and been sentenced to the honey badger equivalent of Alcatraz, I’m guessing he’d have broken out of there, too! You be you, guy. Keep ’em on their toes!

Can All Honey Badgers Escape Easily Like In This Video?

That’s a great question! And the answer is…I’m not sure, but maybe. After doing some Googling, I did find out some things.

Turns out Honey Badgers, like the one in this video, are insanely intelligent animals. And because of this, they need to be stimulated often mentally.

Because of this, they will set out to find new ways to find that enrichment like discovering new ways to clime out of their enclosure. It actually becomes a game to them! The cool thing is, they’ll even use tools to do it!

More Honey Fun from Kids Activities Blog

Usually this is the space we put related articles to the subject matter of this one…except now.  Well, despite over 12K blog posts on Kids Activities Blog, we only have one honey badger related post.  I know it is hard to find a subject where we have only covered it once and I promise to remedy that soon because that doesn’t do the honey badger justice!

Honey Badger on Kids Activities Blog - running
Looking for more honey badger articles!

More Escape Fun from Kids Activities Blog

OK, while we didn’t have a ton of related content for honey badgers…we do have a bunch of fun ideas around escape rooms which is theoretically what the honey badger could do!  <–that is NOT a stretch!  Here are some ways you, your kids & family can escape rooms together:

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Oh, and the honey badger isn’t the only Houdini story we have told…have you heard the one about the Houdini baby?

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