Incredible Man Saves Drowning Prairie Dog By Performing CPR [Video]

No one wants to see an animal suffer.

And one of the quickest ways to make pretty much anyone super sad is to see an animal dying who didn’t have to.

That’s exactly what this repair man faced when he saw a prairie dog who was drowning in a pool.

Unable to stand by and let the poor creature die, the man scooped him out and went about giving the prairie dog CPR.

The whole while, though, he’s coaxing him to find reasons to live…and it is the sweetest and saddest thing ever.

But, it works!

Pretty soon the little guy is resting from his ordeal.

Once alert, he wants to check out exactly what happened, and after sniffing around the environment, he opens his eyes and looks like the most relieved prairie dog to ever live…twice.

A quick ‘thank you’ to his rescuer…

…and the small creature is on his way.

But just seeing the images isn’t enough. It’s the earnest sound of this man’s voice.

The way he coaxes this animal to live that really shows you what humanity is all about.

Take a look!

Man Gives CPR to Drowning Prairie Dog

Yay! I love that so much.


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