With these honey bee coloring pages, you can color your own wonderful honey-producing pollinator.  As part of the cool drawings series, Natalie has created these two original coloring pages for Kids Activities Blog from a bee drawing that she demonstrates the coloring steps in the video below.

Download here:

bee coloring pages - two bee images and finished color bee

Coloring can be a very relaxing activity for not just children, but adults as well; it’s a great way to wind down at the end of the day, especially with some nice music turned on.  Research shows that coloring can calm nerves and reduce stress.

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Free Bees Coloring Pages to Print

Bees are often overlooked in their importance to all things flowery & spring!  And bees are fascinating…from the beehive, queen bee, worker bee, flying around collecting pollen, beeswax, and of course honey.

We are so excited to share Natalie’s unique interpretation of bees.  She has designed these two coloring sheets with details that make coloring art!  I like the close-up inspection we get to have of a bee.  It is much, much larger than life!

This original coloring pdf can be printed on a 8 ½ x 11 inch standard piece of paper from your home or classroom printer.  It was intentionally designed in black and white to save printer ink.

Click here to download this online coloring image of bees:

You could use colored pencils, paint, crayons, or anything to color this bee!

Coloring Cool Drawings with Natalie

In this video, Natalie colors a bee.  Grab your printed coloring page to follow along step-by-step as she makes it come to life.  <–no bee stings!

Natalie used Prismacolor Colored Pencils (affiliate link) to color the bee, you can too. 

Whether your finished coloring picture looks like Natalies or not, that really doesn’t matter!  It is all part of the art fun.  You can see that Natalie has great drawing ideas that turn into amazing artwork that can be colored.  When she made this video she was a high school junior who was practicing her art.

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