Koko the gorilla got a kitten for her birthday and her reaction is absolutely sweet. If you haven’t seen Koko’s kitten, you have to see it! The kitten is cute, curious, and sweet. I love Koko and her kitten. You have to check it out!

Koko the Gorilla gets a kitten video - Kids Activities Blog
Look how cute I am!

Kittens are so cute.

Fluffy and light on their feet.

But even cuter is this…

Koko the gorilla splashed into the world’s headlines more than two decades ago when she became the first gorilla ever to learn sign language.

Now she’s turning 44 and she’s been given the most adorable birthday present ever!

Koko Gets a Kitten Video

How sweet is she with those kittens? I didn’t even know gorillas lived to be 44, but I’m so glad she did and I can’t wait to see what they give her for her next birthday!


What a fun birthday present!

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