Free Printable Cute Sticky Notes Template Featuring Cartoon School Supplies

This cute sticky note printable template doesn’t require special sticky note paper to print at home or school.  The school themed sticky notes feature a cartoon ruler and cartoon pencil and are perfect to add a sweet lunch note into your child’s lunch box or as a homework related note.

free printable lunch notes - printable sticky notes that don't require special paper 4 shown on the template
Let’s make school themed sticky notes!

Cute School Themed Sticky Note Printable Template

Back to school time is the perfect time for creating little printable lunch notes for school, whether to encourage your little ones to ‘eat all their lunch… every crumb!’ or just to remind them that you love them.  We also use them as notes to the teacher in my daughter’s homework journal too – very useful and very cute!

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free printable sticky notes pdf file shown printed with sticky notes on top
Use our sticky note template to print on sticky notes without special paper.

Supplies Needed to Print Cute Sticky Notes

Note: I found that an inkjet printer is best as the paper does a simple pass-through – less twists and turns inside and risk of the sticky notes getting left inside the printer.

Download & Print the Sticky Note Printable Template pdf File Here

free printable sticky note template shown with sticky note attached
Add your sticky notes into the dotted squares to print again.

Directions to Print Sticky Notes without Special Paper

Step 1

Download & print the sticky note school-themed template.

Step 2

Add the sticky notes to the dotted square spaces and place the page back into the printer.

Just make sure you are feeding the page through the printer with the ‘stuck down’ edge of sticky-note first.

Step 3

Print again.

free printable lunch notes - how to print on sticky notes without special paper
Now that you have a printed sticky note, you can write a sweet note!

Step 4

Repeat for as many sticky notes you want printed with the cute cartoon pencils and rulers.

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