Art For Kids – 15 Homemade Paint Recipes {& funky brushes}

Unique art experiences for kids of all ages – cost effective and non-toxic homemade paint recipes including puffy paint, bath paint, face and finger paints, chalk paint and fizzy sidewalk paint.

It’s time to make a variety of delicious bright colors and textures for your kids to start dipping their chubby little fingers in.

When my daughter was a toddler I laid out sheets of newspaper or an oilcloth and popped her into the middle. Now older she loves to make the paints herself and tapes strips of craftpaper to the back of the kitchen door!

15 homemade paint recipes

Two Ingredient Face and Body Paint
Kids paint their faces, arms and legs and why not?!! This recipe smells SO yummy – visit the fun on Fun at Home with Kids.

Easy Edible Paint for Babies Made with Real Fruit
SUCH a great idea!! use real food in the paint to get your little ones to explore new textures and tastes without forcing it at the dinner table! via handsonaswegrow

Microwave Puffy Paint
Kids love to see their paintings *puff up* via Happy Houligans

Chalk Paint
Make some gorgeous sidewalk chalks for outdoor creativity. Bring it on! via smartschoolhouse

And how about making is fizz!! check out how right here on KAB

15 homemade paint recipes

Painted Socks
Paint your kids faces or their chubby little feet – if nothing else it keeps them still for 15 minutes. via lessonslearntjournal

Homemade Bubble Paint
Painting with colorful bubbles. What's not to love?! via growingajeweledrose

Confetti Paint
Made with hair gel, add food coloring and confetti!! check out this ‘couldn’t be simpler’ recipe on learnplayimagine

Homemade Tempera
This recipe is super simple, and ‘super’ messy. See how to make right here on KAB

No-Cook Finger Paint
Your baby or toddler will be so excited to dive right in! via KidsActivitiesBlog

Rainbow Flour Paint
Super simple homemade paint recipe in gorgeous, vibrant colors! via learnplayimagine

Air-Drying Puffy Paint
With shaving foam in the recipe fun is guaranteed making and painting. via meaningfulmama

15 homemade paint recipes

Rainbow Shaving Cream Bath Paint
This activity is brilliant and beautiful, quiet play time in the bath! via Meet The Dubians

Homemade Spice Paint
Easy to make and great sensory play for eyes and noses! via nurturestore

Make Your Own Egg Tempera Paint
Just crack open some eggs and give it a try. via Tinkerlab

Homemade Paint Brushes
So now that you’re ready to make some paint ¦. you need some brushes. Check out these 16 homemade brush ideas to make the kids *art experimenting* truly great. via babbledabbledo

You’ll find more experimenting with textures inspiration on pinkandgreenmama

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