You Won’t Believe How He Cleared Snow Out Of His Driveway! [Video]

Trying to get to work after a big snow can be a pain in the patoot, but this person came up with an absolutely genius way to clear the snow out of his driveway!

I mean, you have to work with what you have.

Snow removal from car videos - Kids Activities Blog

I couldn’t stop cracking up when I watched this.

How to Clear Snow from Your Car Video

That has to be the funniest and smartest way to remove snow from your driveway…ever!

Here in North Texas we don’t get that much snow, but in some states it’s about to come down hard…and lots of it. S

o to help you prepare, here are some amazing snow removal videos that you aren’t going to believe…

Clearing Snow Videos

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Removing Snow From Roof or Not Video

So maybe you didn’t have time to clear the snow from your roof…

Clearing Snow From Car Video

Here’s a tip: when you go to clear snow from your car…make sure it’s your car.

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Do you have to clear the snow from your car today?