Our house is currently a winter wonderland, complete with lots of paper snowflakes made by the kids (and our Elf on the Shelf).

But I think I may need to try a snowflake of my own: of Mando and Baby Yoda aka Grogu!

Source: Facebook / Travis Lee Clark

Yep, you read that right: A Mandalorian-inspired paper snowflake.

Before you dismiss the idea and think it sounds way too hard, hold up.

Artist and Art Historian Travis Lee Clark shared exactly how he designed the Mando/Grogu snowflake, and exactly how you can too.


First step: fold the paper as you would for a six-pointed snowflake. (This is key: the wrong fold will lead to, well, an interesting looking Baby Yoda and Mando).

Next up: use the drawing design template that Clark provides on his Facebook. You can even print it off and trace it to make it a bit easier.


If you’re still a bit unsure of how to create this complex but really cool snowflake, Scott created a YouTube tutorial that explains how to make the Mando/Grogu snowflake step by step.

The video is appropriately titled “This is the Way to Cut The Mandosnowflake” in homage to the Disney+ show The Mandalorian.

So get out that white paper, fold your six-pointed snowflake, trace the design, and get to cutting!

Want more super amazing snowflake ideas? Scott has more designs on his Instagram.


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