Today we have printable Thanksgiving placemats! Kids of all ages will love decorating these free printable Thanksgiving placemats! You can use all of you favorite fall colors. Simply download and print these placemats and give one out to everyone before Thanksgiving to color and decorate. The best part is, you can make these Thanksgiving placemats at home or in the classroom!

Thanksgiving Printable Placemats-HoneyBaked Ham Turkey for Thanksgiving with a young man eating ham, green beans, and sweet potato casserole
Are you ready to make your own placemat for Thanksgiving? i sure am!

Thanksgiving Printable Placemats For Kids

Make the dinner table special this Thanksgiving with these fun Thanksgiving activities. The whole family can print out one of these placemats and make them look amazing! You can use all of your favorite crafting supplies like: watercolors, crayons, acrylic paints, colored pencils, glitter, markers, etc. Just click the button to download and print your Thanksgiving printable placemat now:

Not only is this placemat festive and fun, but it’ll keep kids busy crafting while you cook. The kids can easily make one for all the adults like aunts, uncles, parents, and grandparents. That way everyone can have a colorful and festive printable placemat!

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1. Thanksgiving Printable Placemat

Thanksgiving printable placemat black and white printed pdf file- kids activities blog
Color your printable placemat all your favorite fall colors!

This is the first page in our Thanksgiving printable placemat set! Look at all the leaves and acorns. You can color the leaves all sorts of colors like: gold, red, green, brown, yellow, and orange! Watercolors would look great and so would crayons, markers, and dare I say glitter glue if you’re feeling particularly brave?

2. Printable Thanksgiving Centerpiece Setting

Thanksgiving Printable Placemat- leaves to make a centerpiece for the table- Kids Activities Blog
Make a beautiful fall centerpiece for your table this year!

The second page in our printable set is this lovely Thanksgiving centerpiece printable. This will look wonderful in the middle of the table! I love it! You can use all sorts of colors! Fall colors, favorite colors, or mix and match colors! This will definitely give the Thanksgiving table a splash of festive color!

3. Thanksgiving Printable Place Cards

Thanksgiving printable placemat- page 3- black and white printed pdf file of place cards for Thanksgiving- Kids activities blog
Now, color the place cards and write everyone’s name on them!

The last page in our Thanksgiving printable set is the place cards! Decorate each place card and write someone’s name on it. Once you have their name on it you can fold the paper in half and put it on the table in front of their spot. I would suggest finer coloring supplies for these name cards like colored pencils or fine markers. Make sure to write their names nice and big!

Click here to download and print Thanksgiving Placemat Set PDF FILE

Thanksgiving Printable Placemats-Color and Cut Placemats with water colors and other craft supplies - Kids Activities Blog
Cut and color these placemats, center piece, and place card settings!

Thanksgiving Printable Placemat Comes With:

With this Thanksgiving printable you will receive:

  • 1 Thanksgiving Place Setting With Left Napkin Rings you can color as well a paper garland of leaves to color that you can use to make a centerpiece.
  • 1 Thanksgiving Place Setting that has 4 place cards you can color and write your family and friends names on.
  • 1 beautiful Thanksgiving placemat covered in leaves and acorns.

HoneyBaked Ham for Thanksgiving

This post and Thanksgiving activities were written in 2018, but has been updated for 2020. This is no longer a sponsored post, but the printable is still amazing!

Thanksgiving Printable Placemats-HoneyBaked Ham side dishes for the holidays
Look how festive our table looks with these lovely placemats that we made together. I love it so much.

I love the holidays and the many Thanksgiving activities we do together and the family traditions. I love that everyone stops what they normally do to get together and appreciate our blessed life. Or make a Thanksgiving printable placemat with my kids. The problem for me has been not letting preparation of the holiday stress me out to the point that I can’t enjoy the holiday! That is where HoneyBaked Ham comes in. When I tasted their turkey, I wondered why I would ever MAKE turkey again when theirs tastes SO MUCH better than mine! Oh, and it is hours easier.

My favorite is the smoked turkey. It has this sweet crust on it that is simply a meal all in itself, but the great thing about HoneyBaked Ham is that they also have a ton of sides that you simply heat up and serve. I visited the HoneyBaked Ham store on Round Grove Road in Lewisville, TX. The choices were overwhelming! So many options fitting exactly what my family loves. The sides that I tried were the Sweet Potato Souffle, Green Beans with Almonds, Garlic Mashed Potatoes, and my youngest begged that we try the Cinnamon Apples.

Thanksgiving Printable Placemats-HoneyBaked Ham side dishes like microwavable apples
We are gonna put those Thanksgiving printable placemats to the test with these delicious side dishes!

The HoneyBaked Ham side dishes are super easy to prepare, you simply vent and microwave or follow package directions for conventional oven.  They all go together so well with the HoneyBaked turkey {and if you are serving ham for Thanksgiving, they can hook you up for that too!}.

Other Ideas For Your Thanksgiving Placemats

We have had a lot of fun with these! The kids colored them with crayons and used them to decorate the table. We also tried using watercolors to create a more sophisticated effect.

You don’t have to use them for their suggested purposes either. You could turn the Thanksgiving centerpiece into a Thanksgiving crown instead! The possibilities are endless.

Thanksgiving Placemat printables for kids colored with fall colors using red, orange, green, and yellow
Look how colorful and fun the Printable Place setting looks! The kids did a great job.

Full disclosure:  With silly boys at the table, the napkin holders may be turned into hats and the placemats may end up as gorgeous paper planes.

Sharing Holiday Memories With Thanksgiving Activities

One of the reasons why I love not having to devote an entire day to cooking for the big meal is that there is more time to spend WITH family!  This year, make sure you are participating in the memories and not just in the kitchen while they happen.

The Thanksgiving table is the perfect time to share family stories and traditions.  Use the printable placemats to jot down a special idea of thanks on each leaf!

Don’t Forget Dessert!

HoneyBaked Ham has several pies to choose from, but when I saw this…

Thanksgiving Printable Placemats-Carrot Cake from HoneyBaked Ham
Carrot cake may be our new Thanksgiving tradition…which is fine by me since I’m not a huge pie fan.

…it had to be mine.

I know it isn’t traditional Thanksgiving fare, but it is kinda fall-ish and amazingly yummy!  Carrot cake may be the new Thanksgiving tradition at my house.

More Thanksgiving Activities From Kids Activities Blog

If you would rather just download & print your Thanksgiving paper placemats (or for other events), then we have a big list of printable placemats here at Kids Activities Blog:

Here is where you can find a ton more Thanksgiving crafts for kids <–over 190 ideas!

How di your Thanksgiving printable placemat set turn out?

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