Confetti can be super fun at an event, but many venues have stopped allowing it, due to the environmental impact, not to mention the cleaning. This do-it-yourself biodegradable leaf confetti is the perfect outside alternative!  To make your own confetti, all you need are leaves and hole punches. Mother Nature will take care of the outside confetti cleanup for you!

Homemade leaf confetti shown with the finished hole punched leaf confetti on the left and the leaves with hearts and hole punches in them - image from Autumn Miller
via Autumn Miller

Natural Confetti Options

Plastic and paper confetti isn’t environmentally friendly and typically not biodegradable. Confetti rice can be dangerous to birds and other animals.  Even some of the more environmentally friendly options, like rose petals or bird seed, need to be cleaned up before they can cause damage in the longterm.

Brightly colored leaves all piled with colors like purple, red, yellow, green and pink
Leaves come in the prettiest colors…perfect for confetti!

Leaf Confetti You Can Make

But what about making confetti with leaves from your local trees?  

You can make all the environmentally friendly leaf confetti your heart desires!  

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Supplies Needed for Making Leaf Confetti

Leaf with a hole in the shape of a heart punched out held up - using a hole punch in the heart shape
Hole punch + fallen leaf = great leaf confetti!

How to Make Leaf Confetti

Step 1

Just find the leaves that have fallen.

Step 2

With a hole punch or shaped punch, punch out your shapes into a bowl or container.

Step 3

Return the punched leaves back to where you found them so they can continue to decompose naturally.

Our Experience Making Leaf Confetti

It’s a great project with the kids too.  Imagine all the different shapes you can make and colors you can find naturally on your walks.  And don’t forget the fun of having a confetti fight in the yard afterwards, all while knowing Mother Nature approves.

Biodegradable Confetti You Can Buy

Yield: a lot

DIY Biodegradable Leaf Confetti

leaf confetti you can make at home

This simple leaf confetti con be made with fallen leaves and a hole punch or shaped punch. The finished confetti is completely biodegradable, comes in lovely leaf colors and perfect for your next confetti event! Simple enough that kids can make it.

Active Time 5 minutes
Total Time 5 minutes
Difficulty easy
Estimated Cost $1


  • Fallen leaves


  • Hole punch or shape punch like a heart shaped punch
  • Container or bowl to hold the confetti until you use it


  1. Collect fallen leaves and make sure they are dry.
  2. With a hole or shape punch, punch out your confetti into a bowl or container.
  3. Return the punched leaves to where you found them so they can continue their decomposition.

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How did your leaf confetti turn out?

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  1. HI Kristen,
    How many months in advance could we make confetti for a wedding? We were going to use gum leaves? This is a brilliant idea. Thank you!

    1. Hi, Cat! Congratulations! 🙂 There are a lot of variables, depending on the weather, the leaves you choose, and the atmosphere they are stored in. I would suggest starting with leaves that are already dried out a bit, too!