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Sticky walls are a great early learning tool. They are created using contact paper on windows and walls, sticky side facing out. I love this simple sticky wall activity shared recently by Deborah at Teach Preschool. Sticky Walls can be used to teach basically any concept. We put up a Fall tree sticky wall a few weeks ago and have come up with four or five different ways to use it. Today I am excited to share with you TWO  Fall Sticky Wall Activities for early learning!

Sticky Wall

Materials Needed:
  • contact paper
  • painter’s tape
  • drawing of a tree on large poster or easel paper
  • fabric leaves
  • laminated paper leaves
  • Sharpie
For these Fall sticky wall activities we practiced spelling our names and talked about leaf colors and patterns. 1. Early Learning: Colors and Patterns Sticky Wall The first sticky wall activity we did was catered to my toddler. The goal was to simply stick fabric leaves on the sticky tree and talk about the colors we saw and patterns we made. This was a fabulous language activity for her. Related: 91 Educational Websites Offering Free Online Learning for Kids The most fun part about this activity was that the fabric leaves didn’t stick that well to the contact paper. This meant that my son could blow on them and then some of the leaves would fall down. He thought it was the perfect Fall activity and loved trying to pretend he was the wind and make the leaves fall to the ground! I always love when activities geared for my toddler are actually exciting for my pre-kinder son too! 2. Early Learning: Build Your Name with Leaves Sticky Wall We quickly made this activity by tracing some of the fabric leaves onto contact paper, cutting them out, laminating them, and then writing the letters in my son’s name on the front of the leaves. He enjoyed using the leaves to practice spelling his name again and again. Make sure you laminate the leaves otherwise they won’t come off the sticky wall once they get stuck without leaving residue. Here are two of the other Fall sticky wall activities that we’ve tried over the last few weeks:
Have you ever created kids activities using a sticky wall?   What other Fall-themed early learning activities have you tried? The Quirky Mommas have a few ideas to share:

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