Lace up cards are great for kids because they help increase coordination while being a really fun activity.  This set of lacing cards is fall-themed.  Celebrate autumn with these gorgeous leaves.

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This fun set of four little autumn leaf sewing cards kids will love. It is a fun activity for young children to learn about leaves changing color in the fall.  Kids will develop fine motor skills and improve hand-eye coordination and concentration with this lace up activity.

Lace Up Cards for children - autumn leaf sewing cards set of four

Lace Up Cards for Children

All ages can use these children’s lace up cards – see modifications below for lacing cards for toddlers.

To use these fall lace up cards, you will need:

  • Printer & card stock weight paper
  • kid-safe needle
  • wool/yarn
  • (optional – depending on age) hole punch

Steps for creating beautiful lacing up cards:

  1. Download and print the autumn leaf lace up card templates onto heavy weight paper. 
  2. Thread needle with wool.
  3. Older children can push the needle end through the paper creating an embroidery effect, younger kids can push the needle through a punched hole.

A quick download, paper punch, wool and a kid-safe needle is all it takes for elemental age children to enjoy this fun activity.

Lace Up Cards for Toddlers – Modifications

Modify the steps above in this way to use these lace up cards with younger kids.

To use these fall lace up cards for toddlers, you will need:

  • Printer & card stock weight paper
  • piece of scotch tape
  • wool/yarn
  • hole punch

Steps for creating beautiful lacing cards with toddlers:

  1. Download and print the autumn leaf lace up card templates onto heavy weight paper.
  2. Wrap tape around one end of a piece of wool like an aglet.
  3. Use a hole punch to create holes for the wool to go through around the perimeter of the leaf or along lines for fill in.
  4. Toddlers can push the yarn through the holes to create the wool patterns on the lace up cards.
Fall Leaf Printable Lace Up Cards for Kids

Download & Print Free Lacing Card Templates

Simply download & print these lacing cards by clicking below!

Printable Lacing Cards for kids set 1 - free

Learn to Sew Lace Up Cards

Lacing cards can be an entry-level skill to sewing.  Use different stitch patterns to create different decorations on the fall leaf lace up card templates.

  • Cross hatching
  • Running stitch and edging
  • Let kids experiment with sewing lines and patterns on the leaves.

This is such an easy sewing exercise for little hands.  Children are able to practice sewing and have fun learning about autumn leaves at the same time!

Lacing Cards for Kids - Set 1 Free

Free Printable Lacing Cards for Kids

Kids Activities Blog has several other free printable lace up cards that might be perfect for your next activity at home (or school):

Sewing Cards for Kids – Summer Themed -A set of three lacing cards with a summer theme.  A pink popsicle, a slice of watermelon and a big blue whale can be created with these sewing card templates!

Constellation Sewing Cards – This set of three constellation lacing cards are part of our star gazing series to inspire kids to look to the stars.  Outline the constellations with wool.

Traditional Lace Up Cards for Kids

If you are looking for some traditional lace up activities for kids, here are some of our favorites (affiliate links):

Keep on lacing!  No matter what modification you choose or which you decide to do first, keep kids having fun and developing important dexterity skills.

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