Top 20 Super Simple Dress Up Ideas

Looking for fun dress up ideas for your kids to help promote pretend play? Look no further! Whether you’re dressing up like your favorite characters, going to a Halloween party, or just promoting pretend play, kids of all ages will love these dress up ideas. These ideas are great for at home or in the preschool or kindergarten classroom.

dress up ideas

Top 20 Super Simple Dress Up Ideas

This is our Top 20 Super Simple Dress Up Ideas are great for kids who love to dress up!

Wearing the right clothes, whether it’s a crown, swirling ballet skirt or builders hard hat, seems to complete their pretend play.

The secret to the very best dress up costumes lies in the child’s imagination. If they feel the costume is right, then it’s perfect!

Creative Dress Up Ideas for Kids

1. Turn Dad’s Shirt Into A Doctor’s Coat

Want a fun idea for an easy dress up and pretend play idea? Use Dad’s old shirt to make a doctor’s coat! Tip: You can use stitch witchery fusible bonding web to make this a no sew project. -via The Bear and the Fox

2. Use A Pillow Case To Make A Nurse’s Apron

Here is another easy costume idea! Use an old pillowcase or bedsheet to make a nurse’s apron. You can also make this project no sew by using fusible bonding web. -via Crafty Cupboard

3. Super Simple Hero Cape

Super heroes can try this super simple super hero cape  which you can make in minutes, using fabric glue if you don’t want to sew. This is one of my favorite and easy diy costumes. Just like an iconic movie depicting superheroes, your child can act like their favorite movie characters.-via Mama Smiles

4. Cute Dress Up Ideas

Here’s some cute dress up ideas that will inspire you. -via Kids Activities Blog

5. Pretty Lace Princess Crown

This is such a good idea for a great costume! I love this pretty lace princess crown. -via BeauCoup

6. 1920’s Flapper Costume

This is such an awesome costume. Use a t-shirt dress to make a 1920s flapper costume. You can make a white dress, blue dress, whatever color you like, even a black t-shirt. Plus you don’t new a sewing machine!- via Tessie Fay

Dress Up Ideas for Everyone!

dress up ideas

7. DIY Unicorn Costume 

Everybody loves unicorns!! Make this DIY unicorn costume for hours of dress up fun. What a fun way to promote pretend play! -via Craftaholics Anonymous

8. Dress Up Stage

A dress up stage is a great way for kids to act out their imaginative play. They can pretend to make up their own stories and scenarios or act out favorite stories like Harry Potter, or pretend to be the Sanderson sisters, or Princess Leia. The sky is the limit when you’re pretending! -via House of Turquoise

9. DIY Dress Up Closet

This is such a great choice! You can also turn an old armoire or tv stand into a DIY dress up closet. Add a mirror on the side. -via Decorating Delirium

10. No Sew Ash Ketchum Pokemon Costume

If your kid loves Pokemon as much as mine do, then you need to make this no sew Ash Ketchum Pokemon costume to add to their creative play arsenal. -via Kids Activities Blog

11. DIY Felt Stick Horse

Make a DIY felt stick horse for cowboy play. No sewing required!

12. DIY Paper Dinosaur Hat

What an easy way to promote pretend play with your child’s favourite character. This is so cool! Make a DIY Paper Dinosaur Hat. -via Cutting Tiny Bites

13. DIY Dress Up Mailman

What a unique costume! Your kid will love this DIY Dress Up Mailman idea! Little girls and little boys will love delivering the mail in this super cute costume. -via Making of a Mom

So Many Dress Up Ideas You’ll Love

dress up ideas

14. Beautiful Dress Up Wings

Learn how to make beautiful dress up wings in this tutorial. -via Pretty Prudents

13. Make Your Own Animal Ears

These felt and fabric animal ears for make believe play would be wonderful to add to your great dress up ideas. -via Hart and Sew

14. No Sew Tulle Skirt    

Add a super full no sew tulle skirt to your child’s imaginative play stash for lots of dress up ideas. -via Living Well Spending Less

15. Homemade Bird Mask

Dive into the craft box and create a bird mask. -via Turtle Diary

16. No Sew Superhero Capes

Here are some more no sew superhero capes. Includes a FREE template! -via Jolly Mom

17. DIY Cardboard Camper

Not a costume, but a great DIY project for hours of make believe fun–make a DIY Cardboard Camper! This Airstream is perfect for boys! -via The Merry Thought

18. DIY Jewelry

Dress up isn’t complete without some cute bling! Check out this guide to DIY jewelry. -via Felt with Love Designs

19. Our Favorite Items For Our Pretend Clothes Closet

You’ll also want to read our Favorite Items for Our Pretend Clothes Chest. This post contains lots of great ideas on how to stock your kids dress up costumes.

More Dress Up Fun From Kids Activities Blog:

I think keeping costumes simply let kids imaginations go wild. What do your kids love to use to dress up?


  1. Great round up Cathy! I happen to know an almost 4 year old who is going to love that super rocket blaster idea!

  2. Adorable – what child doesn’t like dressing up. Even better if you get to create your costumes yourself!

    Thank you for sharing on Kids Get Crafty!

    Maggy & Alissa

  3. Thanks for including our robot. Some great ideas here, I’ll have to see which ones I can convince goblin to try

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