Easy to Make Paper Plate Spider-Man Mask

In this post, learn how to make a simple and fun Paper Plate Spider-Man Mask for your child’s imaginative play. It’s perfect for young web slingers…especially preschool-aged web slingers!

This Paper Plate Spider-Man mask is perfect for imaginative play at home, as a birthday party craft, or even a Halloween costume.

Paper Plate Spider-Man Mask

Are you ready for the new Spider-Man movie coming out soon? My little superheroes love to pretend they are Spider-Man, and this paper plate mask makes it easy and fun. All you need are basic white paper plates, paint, scissors, and string. It’s perfect for imaginative play at home, as a birthday party craft, or even a Halloween costume.

To Make This Craft You Will Need

  • 1 white paper plate
  • red, black, and gray acrylic paint
  • single hole punch
  • yarn
  • paintbrush
  • scissors
  • pencil

Paper Plate Spider-Man Mask


After gathering supplies, invite kids to draw Spider-Man’s eyes on the paper plate with a pencil or marker. Punch a hole on each side of the mask with the single hole punch. Use the scissors to cut out the eyes in the mask.

Paper Plate Spider-Man Mask

Invite your child to paint their entire mask red. When the paint is dry, string a piece of cotton yarn or elastic thread through the holes.

Out of paint? No problem! Invite kids to use crayons or markers instead.

Paper Plate Spider-Man Mask

Paint an outline around the eye holes with the gray paint.

Paper Plate Spider-Man Mask

Next, invite your child to paint the webs on the mask with the black paint.

Paper Plate Spider-Man Mask

Allow the paint to dry completely before play! Best worn with a Spider-Man t-shirt!

Paper Plate Spider-Man Mask

Isn’t it fun? This craft is perfect for kids who love superheroes!

Paper Plate Spider-Man Mask

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