Grab a sippy cup and your toddler’s favorite stuffed animal because your kid will be able to be the boss of their own workstation at home… or at least, pretend to be.

With quarantine, we are always looking for engaging activities for kids at home to keep them learning and having fun. And with Fisher Price’s My Home Office playset, your toddler will use be using imagination to explore a whole new world!

Fisher price home toys pretend play
Source: Fisher-Price
The new My Home Office playset is the latest toy inspired by moms and dads who are working from home due to COVID-19.

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This toy set will kick-start your child’s imagination by pretending to be an adult, without bills and all the boring parts.

Source: Fisher-Price

With Fisher Price My Home Office toy set, little ones from ages 3 and up can pretend to learn recipes, have online meetings, workout, receive phone calls and snap pretend photos of their pets, just like mom and dad that are working from home!

imagination fisher price toys
Source: Fisher-Price
Now little ones can pretend to work just like their parents do!

Fisher-Price’s pretend playset includes a laptop, fabric apps to attach to the computer screen, a smartphone, a headset, and a to-go cup, all of them fake, except for the cup, because we know kids need their favorite juice to start their day.

fisher price toys my home office
Source: Fisher-Price
This play set provides an opportunity for kids to practice and develop their imagination.

You don’t have to look for this play set, because we have the link for you right here.

Don’t leave your toddler waiting! Get Fisher-Price’s My Home Office playset before they sell out (and they will!)

Source: Fisher-Price

Why is pretend play important for toddlers?

Pretend play is an important preschool skill to practice as it gives kids a chance to talk and play their way through real-life scenarios. It’s great for discussions, vocabulary building, imagination development, and more! 

Young children learn by imagining and doing. Sometimes, children like using an object to represent something else, like acting like a dog or a car. The process of pretending builds skills in many essential developmental areas, for example language, social, emotional and thinking skills.

imagination fisher price
With these printables, kids can evaluate their patients, prescribe medicine, test their eyesight, and even drive them to the hospital in an ambulance if need be!

When I was a kid, I remember I was obsessed with animals and dreamed of the day I could become a veterinarian. And although I didn’t chase that dream, I’m still obsessed with animals. That’s why we made this veterinarian pretend play printable! It’s perfect for kids who love animals like I did!

We also have pretend play doctor printables for kids who already know they want to become doctors.

Here are more fun activities for children at home:

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