Toddlers and Dogs.

What do they have in common?

My guess is it is more than you might think!

They are both crazy about their parents, they like to run a lot, they sometimes lick their plates, and they are impulsive.

Why dogs and toddlers are the same thing video - Kids Activities Blog

Boy, are they ever impulsive!

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Watch this video [Hint: Start at 0:50] and watch how this Golden Retriever desperately wants to do what his human parent asks him to do…

just as soon as he is finished with that toy…

and that plate…

and that – what is that thing – over there!!

Take a look!

Golden Retriever Gets Distracted During Performance Video


Your kids will think this is hysterical!

And tell me you don’t think this is EXACTLY what your toddler is like?

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Did the dog in the video remind you of any of your kids?

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