Are you constantly struggling to find ideas to organize small spaces? Get creative with these awesome small space organization ideas. Make your small home feel bigger and cleaner by using all nooks and crannies! Good news, we can help with these small space organization ideas! We have found the best way and the easy way to use very little space.

Small space hacks to make your home feel bigger with a small tub, stair storage, kitchen loft, coffee table bed, appliance nooks, and storage behind your TV.
Whether you have a small walk in closet, bedrooms, or any small room we have so many great ideas!

Small Room Organization

It is hard with kids in a small home to find small space organization solutions. Sometimes it feels like there simply is not enough room to go around! But, fret not, we have found a number of ways to create new storage areas!

We’ve pulled together some of the best ideas for homes  to help you keep things in line, even when your home is little! Using all space available, even spots you would have never thought of using isn’t just a good idea, it is a great idea.

Small Space Storage Ideas

Whether you have a small closet or limited closet space, small living room, craft room, or even a studio apartment, there are ways to find even a little bit more storage.

Small Space Organization Hacks and Small Space Storage Ideas

Smaller spaces don’t have to feel like a small hour or apartment, and it doesn’t have to be cluttered with too much stuff. Using the floors, under the bed, and even the ceiling is a great option when it comes to storage and keeping your home organized.

A clean and organized home is a happy home…or I think so anyway. Having things decluttered helps me feel a lot less stressed out.

Small Bedroom Storage Ideas

1. Loft Bed With Desk

Instead of putting the bed on a loft, try hiding it beneath a raised floor. This loft bed with desk storage is the perfect Small Bedroom Solution. You can use steps to the top flooring as extra drawers of storage and only pull the bed out at night. This shortened room would be a really fun play space for kids, or reading/office area for adults.

2. Small Bedroom Storage Ideas

Need more help with storage, we can help! (This post contains affiliate links). We know that small bedrooms lack storage. Under the bed can be an awesome place to store things, but have you ever thought of creating extra room under there? These bed risers can give you another few inches which can translate to a lot of storage space if you stack under the bed crates just right.

3. Big Mirror

Open up a small space with a big mirror – it looks like the room just keeps going! This is great for living rooms, offices, and even bedrooms! Your room will look bigger and a lot more open.

4. Under Bed Storage

If you don’t have the ability to make a full lofted bed, consider rising it just enough to put dressers below the bed. This small bedroom solution  gives you extra floor space. This under bed storage is perfect to hide clothes you don’t usually wear, seasonal clothes.

Small room organization is great for homeschool spaces with garage metal boards to keep papers organized on the wall with 3 children learning.
Check out these small bedroom storage ideas for kids! Get the most out of bedrooms and playrooms.

5. Under Bed Drawers

Do you really need your head space?  If you lost a foot of it, would you notice? Consider adding a false floor under your bed and put in drawers. For an added feel of privacy and space you can even add curtains in front of your bed.  You will discover under bed drawers are perfect and right under your feet.

6. Small Door

Doors can take up space and make it hard to maneuver around, especially in small spaces! Installing sliding doors/walls is a great way to give a small room a makeover  and provide more privacy to adjoining rooms that a mere curtain or stand up privacy wall could offer. It is a small door that will make your room feel bigger.

7. Toy Truck Organizer

Don’t let toys take over your rooms.  A small room looks even smaller with toys everywhere. Here are solutions to organize toys. You’ll love this toy truck organizer as well as these other ways to organize your child’s toys.

8. DIY Bed Frame With Drawers

Make a loft bed for your kids, using kitchen cabinets on the bottom. This is a great storage solution for small rooms as it  frees up a lot of space! This DIY bed frame with drawers would work really well in shared bedrooms as well. Every one has their own shelves and bed, without bothering with multiple bookshelves or dressers.

9. Gutter Bookshelf

Book storage – Instead of using bulky book cases to house children’s books, try putting them directly on the wall – it’s a great way to make use of a corner of your home! You can install this gutter bookshelf in corners and make a reading nook that doesn’t take up much space at all!

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Organization for small spaces are perfect for the kitchen especially by the fridge with a built in cabinet and a moveable can storage shelf.
We have so many great small kitchen organization ideas to get your kitchen in order and running smoothly.

Small Kitchen Organization Ideas

10. Top Of Fridge Storage

We’re serious, find and create those secret organization spots wherever you can! This one isn’t really a secret, but most of us forget about them because we can’t really reach, but here is a useful way to use the top of the fridge storage.

11. Can Organizer

Every one has those extra few inches between the fridge and the wall make the most of small spaces. This can organizer can easily convert into a spice rack! Put it on wheels and pull it in and out whenever you need your favorite spices. This would give you so much extra space in your pantry!!!

12. Organizing Your Pantry

There are nearly a dozen free ways to organize  your pantry more efficiently and strategically using items you already have in your recycle bin. Your kitchen will love you! Plus, organizing your pantry will keep your kitchen running smoothly.

13. Small Kitchen Appliance Storage

Have you noticed how much space appliances take up in the kitchen – Hide those appliances – free up counter space in a small kitchen. Things like microwaves or mixers use a lot of counter space. If you need to free up your counters, try these small kitchen appliance storage ideas.

14. Small Kitchen Storage Ideas

I’m amazed at how many kitchens simply don’t have enough space for basic kitchen needs! We need more kitchen drawers! This tutorial shows you how to create drawers underneath your cabinets to put that extra space to good use!

Small space organization hacks in the bathroom using baskets and space underneath the bathtub.
We didn’t forget about small bathrooms!

Small Bathrooms Organization Hacks

15. Bathroom Hacks

Organize the bathroom with some of these genius DIY tips, including using PVC piping to make makeshift toothbrush and shaving holders. These bathroom hacks will make things a lot easier!

16. Bath Organizer

Add a rack over your bath tub as extra bathroom organizer  for the  items you will need while you are bathing. This is a great place for the toys… and if you are like me, to put your ipad  in a gallon-sized ziplock baggie.  I love watching movies in the bath!

17. Cleaning Supplies Organizer

Space can be deceiving. You *have* nooks and crannies that you can take advantage of! Make pull-aways to hide cleaning supplies in your bathroom. It is a great way to maximize the lost spaces in your home. This cleaning supplies organizer idea is a great way to get your bathroom more organized. I love putting organizers under the bathroom sink.

18. Small Space Hacks

If you are craving a bath in a space that’s only fit for a shower try this vintage barrel bathtub on for size! With a barrel and a shower head you can create a cute but useful tub for yourself in the amount of space that a shower would usually hold.

small space organization solutions and genius space hacks- bedroom floors opening with space, under the bed space, pan drawers, under the stairs organization- kids activities blog
There are so many amazing storage solutions for small spaces!

19. Small Closet Ideas For Homeschooling

Whether your kids are homeschooled or need a good study space for homework,  these homeschool room organization ideas are a must (oh! check out these ways to organize a medicine cabinet too) . Make the most of small closets with organization. You can homeschool in a closet instead of a whole room. This is great if you have a small walk in closet.

20. Storage Solutions For Small Spaces

Have you ever thought about making a hide-a-way inside the floor itself? Creating an elevated floor area can provide deceivingly large amount of storage opportunities. A hidden floor storage solution is actually super clever and I absolutely love it!

21. Binder Storage Ideas

Free up space in your mind in addition to your home. Cut the mental clutter with a Home Binder. Binder storage ideas are great for storing notes, art, recipes, mail, etc. Your mind can also be a tight space so this is a brilliant idea to declutter your mind. Each family member can have one and this is the best thing to get focused.

22. Show Storage For Small Spaces

Drawers or stairs? – How about both! Turn stair cases into drawers. This would make the perfect storage space for shoes, and winter clothing that only come out seasonally. These stair drawers are the coolest! 

23. Under Stairs Storage

You can use drawers as storage for small space  – even big under stair drawers.  Make these pull-able stairs to free up a LOT of space. This under stairs storage is a great alternative if you don’t want shelves or small drawers under each step. This gives you a lot more space and extra storage, which is a must in small spaces.

24. How To Store Homeschool Stuff

Wanting to know how to store homeschool stuff? Go vertical and use your walls.  Adding metal garage organization wall unit indoors, adds an industrial element adds reflective light to the room and –  like this school room/hallway – your wall can be magnetic and a place to store notes, ideas and more.

25. Fun Organizing Ideas

Small Home Organization does not need to be expensive, there are ways to reuse what you have – and organize for free. These fun organizing ideas are great, not only will your home be organized, but you can recycle.

small space organization ideas- couch and living room organized and clean, white bedroom with drawers under the bed, pink bedroom with wood drawers under the bed, black bed with wall storage
Looking for storage for small spaces? Check these out!

Storage For Small SPaces

26. Loft Kitchen Ideas

Lofts are great if you have limited square footage in a small living space.  If you need some space to yourself, try building a small loft over your kitchen. These loft kitchen ideas can be a spot just for you, and you can even sneak up there while dinner is cooking to read a few chapters in a book or hide some candy! We won’t tell!

27. Coffee Table Bed

Hosting guests in a small home is no easy task, but creating extra bedrooms doesn’t have to be difficult. You can learn how to make a convertible coffee table in this tutorial(no longer available), making your table into a bed and switching it back again. This coffee table bed is basically magic and one of the best small space organization hack I’ve seen.

28. Hidden Storage Behind TV

Hidden compartments are great whether you need more storage or you don’t want your router and wires exposed,  or need a place to hide things. How to do it? Create a hinged TV  (think medicine cabinet with a TV cover)! Your hidden storage behind TV makes everything look so neat and nice.

DIY organization ideas for small spaces using a net, making 1 seater bycicle into a 2 seater, bookshelves, and gutter shelves.
I love these space saving ideas!

Organize Small Rooms

29. DIY Organization Ideas For Small Spaces

Want more DIY organization ideas for small spaces? Those wooden chairs come in handy when company is over, but the rest of the time they just take up space! This family found a way to make them useful every day of the week! They are the perfect storage solution.  Hang them on the wall…and then unfolding them, to use using as extra storage space and a spot to hang laundry to dry!

30. Two Seater Bike

One (or two!) person bicycle – If you live in the city this can be a great way to make extra space…even on your bike! They show you how to make an extra seat, whenever you need it on the back of your bike! This two seater bike will save you a lot of space.

31. Large Storage Net

Keep toys organized and handy with an end of the bed net. No more piling books and snugglies onto the floor, rather, they will fit perfectly in this large storage net. This small space organization idea is great for a small bedroom.

32. Adjustable Shelves

Invest in one of nifty moveable bookcase or create your own small space maximizers!  This cabinet can shift down to a small, but modest adjustable shelves or expand out to something larger with extra storage space. It grows and shrinks with your needs, which is perfect for a small space!

Small place ideas to hide things like in your rafters and using storage with a pull down wall.
These small space storage ideas frees up so much space.

Home Organizing Hacks

33. Overhead Garage Storage

Who knew that even small spaces could organize with the help of the ceiling! This is the perfect way to store more items in your garage, while keeping it neat and tidy! Love this! Put away the garden supplies, holiday decorations, toys, and more! This is such a great small space organization idea.

34. Small Place Ideas

Small Pace Ideas: Hide that bed straight in the wall! We loved the pop of color this murphy bed gave the room, as well as the genius idea to fold the bed up into the wall! This means any room can become a guest bedroom, or you can simply free up a lot of space in your own room. Smart!

35. Plastic Crate Shelves

Above window storage – Hang small crates on the wall high above windows. These plastic crate shelves are the perfect place to store stuffed animals that you can’t stand to part with, but also don’t get played with quite as much anymore. Books that have been outgrown and even seasonal toys and clothes can make their way to these storage crates, out of every one’s way. You can even use command hooks to make these DIY open shelves if you’re using lighter items.

36. Ways To Organize Your Home

There are so many options for home renovations that will make your small space more organized and less cluttered! You can really make the smallest of spaces feel big and organized with just a few changes! Loving these ways to organize your home and great for small space organization.

Some Of Our Favorite Space Saving Ideas:

Whether you’re using these in their intended rooms or other rooms like the laundry room, these are great for saving spaces if you live in a small apartment, or just need to use up some open spaces. Use all your space, including cabinet doors and closet doors and empty space!

This post contains affiliate links.


From storage beds, shoe organizer, and more, get your bedroom organized.


Use up all the space including cabinet space!


Want an organized kitchen? We can help!

More Organization Ideas For Other Parts Of Your Life

Small living space organization ideas to organize your nursery using garage cork board and baskets, drawer dividers, etc
We have more ways to get your home organized.

Do you have any great space saving tips?

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  1. There are scarf flower shaped hangers at the dollar store for storing scarves. Pool noodles cut to fit heights of boots and inserted in boot is great for keeping shapes of boots upcycle a lazy susan in the corner of your closet and anything you store on it is just a spin away. I love your jewelry organization suggestions. They are great. Will try those. One more if possible to have top shelf adjustable you can install extra shelving for those lower heighten items and it gains you room for another shelf for less frequently used items. Thanks for your post.