This complete guide to all things bunk beds will have you transitioning your twin bed space into a kids bunk bed space giving you extra sleeping space with a cool factor any kid will love.

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Have you been thinking of getting bunk beds for kids? It’s a great way to save space (very needed in child’s room), increase storage and create a lot of fun and adventurous moments for your kids.

Because let’s admit, bunks beds are cool thing to have in your room.

I call the top bunk!

Best Bunk Beds For Kids

We have searched and searched to find and inspire you with the best bunk beds for kids. 

We also categorized them so you can decide what your family needs when it comes to finding a cool bunk bed with just the right options for your children’s bedrooms.

Whether you need a triple bunk bed with free plans or you want to buy a bunk bed, we have it all.

Cool Bunk Beds for Older Kids/Teenagers

If you have been to a college dorm lately, you know that bunk beds and loft beds are the norm to save space. Generally for older kids, they are more loft-style and designed with simple non-themed elements. Choosing a space saving loft bed for teenagers that allow them to have more floor space for a desk or sitting area can be a great small room idea.

Bunk Bed for Kids FAQ

What age is appropriate for a bunk bed?

If you are asking when can my child sleep on the top bunk, you are not alone! This is a common issue when it comes to choosing a bunk bed for your younger child. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that parents allow no child under the age of 6 to sleep in the upper bunk.

Can a 6 year old sleep on top bunk?

Every child is different but the general consensus is that 6 years old is the age when kids could sleep on the top bunk safely. If you have concerns about your child, having them sleep on the bottom bunk for awhile until you think it is safe is advised.

Is 8 too old for bunk bed?

According to my kids, 8 is the perfect age for a bunk bed! If you are concerned about your child growing out of a bunk bed, look for beds that transition to loft beds or can be reconfigured.

Can the top bunk fall?

Choosing a sturdy, reliable bunk bed should be your first concern! Quality furniture will safely keep the top bunk in place when properly installed.

Which is better bottom or top bunk?

The age old question of which is better bottom of top bunk will likely never be settled, but my answer is the obvious one…the top!

Do bunk beds need to be against a wall?

For safety, it is best to have bunk bed against the wall and the American Academy of Pediatrics goes a step further and recommends placing a bunk bed in the corner of the room.

How much weight can bunk beds hold?

The weight limit for a bunk bed should be noted when purchasing to make sure your situation fits the bed. In general, kids bunk beds range in weight limits of 150-220 pounds per bed and adult bunk beds have an even wider range from 250-880 lbs.

bunk beds to play in - cool bunk beds that rise above the traditional twin bed into forts, play houses, storage drawers and more
I call the top bunk!

Fun Bunk Beds That Double as Playhouses

1. Ultimate DIY Playhouse Bed

Bunk bed and a playhouse – this bunk bed/playhouse looks like a real house. It even has a house number. This loft bed has one twin mattress as the top bunk and then underneath is a full enclosed play house.

2. Painted Wood House Bunk Bed Hiding Two Super Cute Bunked Beds

Cute bunk bed for girl. I love that the stairs are actually a storage. Genius! This built-in bunk bed has stairway chests and surprisingly easy access to both bunks.

3. Fabric Playhouse Bunk Bed

This simple bunk bed for kids becomes a playhouse with just some playful fabric around. What a great idea! This simple idea could turn any metal bunk bed into the most stylish twin bunk bed!

4. Modern Bunk Bed Playhouse

These Bunk beds for kids can also fit with your clean and modern design of your house. This shows a variety of styles that will fit in any decor. I love that the top bed has a colorful house inspired nook and the lower bed does too!

5. Bunk Bed With Reading Nook

This bunk bed is a great idea if you have vertical space to spare with ceiling height (tall ceilings).   Who wouldn’t want a secret reading space up by the ceiling? While not a traditional bunk bed, it has amazing compact design and could be created as full size bunk beds if needed depending on your space.

6. Mario Castle Bunk Bed

Mario Castle bunk bed for kids – is what I dreamed of when I was little girl. This fairy tale perfect space has plenty of room for dreaming!

bunk beds for more than 2 kids - these bunk bed designs work for more kids 3, 4 and even more!  Think bunk room...
Bunk beds don’t have to be just for 2!

Bunk Bed Ideas for More Than 2 Kids

7. 2 Story Home Playhouse Bunk Bed

Bunk bed – play house – this one looks like a 2 story home. How fun! The timeless design elevates the traditional bunk beds into something that can get years of use.

8. Bunk Beds For 3 Kids

Bunk bed for 3 brothers – three beds, two desks and a ton of storage opportunities. Perfect plan! I love the idea that you can have the kid’s room of your dreams even if you don’t have a lot of square feet.

9. Bunk Beds For 4 Kids

Bunk beds times two – that means 4 beds! Imagine the chatting going on in these beds! Even a small room can be used for this magical idea.

10. Bunk Beds For Kids On One Wall

4 beds on 1 wall – I love that they’re roomy and the individual light seems to be very practical. My favorite part is how it all fits together beautifully including the simple guard rails on the top bunks!

11. Built In Bunk Beds

This custom bunk bed build-out is awesome, especially the built-in chalkboard that sits on the outside of the bottom bunk!

12. Beach Style Bunk Beds

Bunk beds for kids (4) beach style. This just feels like great quality furniture in just the right place!

13. Chic Loft Bunk Bed

Simple but chic loft bunk bed that was creatively configured to fit two twin beds under it so that the triplets could have a bit more floor space for playing. I love when great care has been given to what is really important!

14. Hanging Bunk Beds For Kids

Hanging bunk beds for kids make one pretty awesome kids’ room design. These simple solid wood designs are separate beds which makes the idea have unlimited opportunities.

15. Family Bunk Beds

Bunk bed for the entire family – or a family with a lot of kids. A great solution if you have a shared bedroom.

16. Huge Bunk Bed Set

This huge bunk bed set reminds me of a tree house. What a magical sleep space!

17. Traditional Bunk Bed Set Modified for 3 Boys

What do you do when all three kids want to be in the same bedroom? Check out this simple modification to a traditional loft style bunk bed adding a king size mattress to the lower bunk in my story of three kids one bedroom!

transportation themed bunk beds like tractor bunk beds, train bunks and vw bus bunk beds
Our bunk bed can be an adventure…trains, planes and automobiles!

Trains, Trucks, and Cars Bunk Beds for Kids

18. Fire Truck Bunk Beds

Fire truck bunk bed for kids – must be dream come true for many many boys.

19. Bus Bunk Bed

Micro-Bus Bunk Bed and Playhouse – the coolest thing ever.

20. Tractor Bed

Tractor bunk bed for the little fans of John Deere tractors.

21. Train Bed

Build a train bunk bed for kids – full instructions.

practical bunk beds
Bunk beds that fit in super small spaces are cool!

Practical Bunk Bed for Kids

22. Bunk Bed With Crib

Bunk bed for kids with the crib under – perfect for when a new baby sibling is born.

23. Bunk Beds For Small Spaces

Bunk bed for a smaller space – with a lot of built-in storage. Perfect for shared room.

24. Bunk Beds In The Closet

Bunk beds for kids in the closet – for really small spaces with some big closets. Cool idea!

25. Folding Bunk Bed

Murphy Bunk bed that actually folds in back in the wall – coolest thing ever!

Bunk beds for kids - Our favorite bunk beds that you can buy
There are some really cool bunk beds that you can buy online and elsewhere…

Cool Bunk Beds For Kids That You Can Buy

26. Low Twin Over Twin Bunk Bed with Slide

Low twin over twin bunk bed with slide play which means you can play on the slide even on a rainy day! This bunk bed fits two standard twin mattresses and includes a staircase with extra storage.

27. Traditional Loft Bed with a Lot of Options

Loft style bunk bed for kids has a lot of different options just in case life is throwing you curveballs! I love it set up as a single twin bed loft bed with a study area underneath, but there are other ways you can make this work for your family!

28. Full Campsite Loft Bunkbed

Tree House Bunk Bed is a whimsical bedroom hideaway has a pull-up ladder. This bunkbed can accommodate up to three kids with a twin bed on top bunk and a full bed on the bottom bunk. It looks like the coolest tree house in the woods!

Twin Tower Bunk Bed looks so cool. It looks like a cabin or tree house. Would be cool and kind of like camping!

29. Super Modern Bunkbed Designs

A big variety of very modern and clean lined bunk beds for kids to buy. These unusual bunkbed designs allow for any home, no matter how modern to take use of the space saving bunkbed!

30-34. So Many Fun Playhouse Bunk Beds

Super Fun playhouse/bunk bed for kids. Making playing inside fun again. Here are a few of my favorites:

35. Ikea Mydal Bunk Bed

This bunk bed is from Ikea. Creative mom painted it red. Can you believe it? So pretty!

bunk beds with desks
These bunk beds have a secret study area…or not so secret!

Best Bunk Beds for Kids with Study Area

36. Two Loft Beds

Mirrored loft beds for two siblings – with enough space under for a lot of studying to do.

37. Wooden Bunk Beds For 2

Cute wooden bunk bed for 2 with some space under.

38. Bunk Beds With Storage

This ingenious structure holds a bunk bed, shelves for books, toys and an adjustable-height desk.

DIY bunk beds that you can actually make...they are reasonable and doable and have great instructions
Let’s make our own bunk beds!

Fun Bunk Beds for Kids You Can Actually Make Yourself

39. Rustic Cabin Bunk beds

Rustic cabin bunk bed. Estimated cost: $365.

40. Dolonm Full Over Full Bunk Beds with Trundle

Nontraditional bunk bed for kids even has a pull-out bed for slumber parties.

41. DIY Bunk Beds

DIY bunk bed for kids. I can’t believe she built it herself. Estimated cost $850.

42. Fairytale Bunk Beds

Bunk bed for a sweet pea – this bunk bed looks like it came from a storybook. So colorful and cheerful.

43. Pallet Bunk Beds

Bunk bed for kids made from pallets. There is nothing you CAN’T make from pallets.

44. Castle Bunk Bed

Make your own Castle bunk bed with the slide.   Full detailed instructions included.

With more than 40 bunk beds for kids I hope you found what you were looking for. A bunk bed that would be perfect for your family.

More Cool Stuff For Your House From Kids Activities Blog:

Which bunkbed do you like the most? Will you be getting one of these bunk beds? Let us know down below!

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